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Canon Pixma iP1600 printer won't install Win 8

Discussion in 'Software' started by PFHappy, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. PFHappy

    PFHappy Private E-2


    I have a brand new Lenovo tower that I bought and received in the mail about 3 days ago. My printer will not install and I have tried every concievable driver, from the Canon website and all the others I have found online.
    This printer was working fine with my old computer that had Windows Vista on it.
    I am so frustrated now that I am considering formatting the entire new hard drive and reinstalling Vista on it instead of this nice new classy Win 8.

    Please help... maybe I'll just send the brand new Lenovo back to the company while I still have time.......
    From a very unhappy camper.....any help would be welcome.
  2. brownizs

    brownizs MajorGeek

  3. PFHappy

    PFHappy Private E-2

    Thank you so much for your quick response.

    I did find some websites that offered Win 8 drivers on them, which didn't work either! (Why do they bother to tease me with drivers that don't work?)

    I spent my last good money on this Lenovo tower and can't afford more expenses like another printer.
    Chances are, this printer will be the first of many programs that will not run. I'm guessing my Nero software probably won't work, maybe even my Nikon camera software and who knows what else.

    I'm seriously considering putting Vista or Windows 7 on the computer until they have caught up and made some drivers that are compatible with Win 8.
    I did request the original Win8 installation disks, when I bought the Lenovo, with the Win 8 apps, etc on it. So some day, a few years from now maybe, I'll reinstall Win 8 with the disks and start all over again.

    This has been an expensive horror show. I'm not a fan of HP printers although you say they are compatible with Win 8. I have found that they are very fussy and simply refuse to print at all if an ink cartridge is low... very fussy. HP also gives you a hard time printing just in "black" ink too. I've had several HP printers that have ended up out on the curb because of this. I've got an All-In-One right now that will scan and simply will - not - print if low on ink. Great scanner, but that's about it.

    Very sad to see no options........thank you so much for your kind advice.
  4. brownizs

    brownizs MajorGeek

    Nero will work, forget about the software that came with the Nikon, there is better stuff out there. You will not be able to install Vista on there, Lenovo may be able to send you Windows 7 discs, if that unit was previously manufactured for 7, or has a sister model with the same hardware, then you may be able to use Win7 and run it.

    Personally for $80 for a low end HP printer, is not that much out of pocket. You have to look at these expenses, before spending on hardware. Also Lenovo is considered top of the line, and there is just as good equipment out there at lower prices from Toshiba.

    As for HP, I have never had a issue with their printers. Have had issues with Canon, Kodak, etc. because they are considered throw away printers for their lower end lines.

    As for third party sites, forget them, you are just opening yourself up for malware to be installed. Always go with the OEM drivers, or chipset manufacturer drivers for a computer, not some obscure site, that will infect your machine with rootkits, etc..
  5. PFHappy

    PFHappy Private E-2


    Why can't I install Vista on this new Lenovo? You're saying something about the hardware won't allow Vista? I do have several Vista installation disks.

    I was thinking of taking Partition Magic today, if usable, reformatting, and trying to put my old set of installation disks from Lenovo for Vista on this new machine. (I had a Lenovo before this new unit which had Vista on it and I saved the installation disks.)

    I also have a Win 7 install disk too I think. Do you think my Win 7 install disk might work?

    Thanking you again.
  6. brownizs

    brownizs MajorGeek

    If that model was not manufactured for Vista, which is out of date anyways, you will never find any drivers for it. Your old set of restore discs, is for a different machine, you would never be able to use them, due to Lenovo would have them set up to look for a specific series of id tags, which that machine would not have.

    You may be in luck with 7, but I would first go to the support site for Lenovo, and check to see if there is any drivers for 7 available.

    What is the model # of the tower?
  7. PFHappy

    PFHappy Private E-2

    This model Lenovo is ThinkCentre M82, machine type 2697, CTO

    I am getting increasingly frustrated... might send whole unit back to lenovo.
    I need to be able to install another OS and you are saying I can't.

    I called up Lenovo tech support. They are limited... guy says I can change the Bios settings to Legacy Boot... and should be able to put another OS on. He says he knows somebody that put XP on instead. Don't know anything about that particular techie... his experience, knowledge.
    I can install a different OS, but I'm no ace when it comes to tech stuff. I can partition a hard drive, do some other basic tasks....

    Thank you for taking the time to help me.
  8. brownizs

    brownizs MajorGeek

    If that unit has the Intel chipset, the good thing you are in luck. It will run Windows 7 with no problem. You can get Windows 7 Pro OEM from Newegg.com, for $140. You can get Windows 7 Home Premium through Ultimatesteal.com if you have a .edu or know someone with a .edu email, for $120. http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/list/categoryID.63339300


    Call Lenovo first and see what they will charge to send you Windows 7. We have the ThinkCentre M series desktops, but they are running Windows XP on them. They of course have the AMD chipset, and they have no problems with getting XP to run on them, due to our state agency that manages the LAN & Workstations, will not move to 7, we are still stuck in the dark ages.

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