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Can't connect to the internet or use outlook

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sartepat, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. sartepat

    sartepat Private E-2


    the malware forum suggested I post here. They cleaned up my computer, but I still can't (at least 95% of the time) get on the internet or use outlook.

    They had me install firefox for a browser. On firefox, I can usually connect to my home page in 5 or so minutes, and then can sometimes navigate to another page or two at the same speed, until it just stops opening. Alot of the time it won't connect at all though. On IE, it is even more infrequent if at all.

    My outlook also won't connect to my server to send or receive mail. I might get something to randomly come through once a day.

    This is a laptop, windows xp, using wireless access to a router. We have a wired and another wireless computer using this router and they both work fine.

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. akhilles

    akhilles First Sergeant

    Create a new account for yourself, try out IE & OE, if they work, move all the files from the old account to this, delete the old account.
  3. sartepat

    sartepat Private E-2

    What do you mean create a new account? Do you mean set up a new email address?
  4. sartepat

    sartepat Private E-2

    I think I figured out what you meant - create a new user account??

    I did that, but it acts the same way.
  5. akhilles

    akhilles First Sergeant

    Do a repair install with windows setup disk.
  6. the_g_bomb

    the_g_bomb Private E-2

    Try plugging the laptop into the router to see if you still have a problem, that will at least rule out the wireless connection being the problem.

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