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Can't disable proxy server

Discussion in 'Software' started by Nitronett, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Nitronett

    Nitronett Private E-2

    In order to install a new broadband ISP we must clear(disable) the proxy server in LAN settings. It won't disable using the standard Microsoft method in either Control Panel or IE6. Once removed, it promptly reverts back again. Who can help with this tenacious problem?
  2. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Not sure I'm following this correctly. If you have a proxy server that needs to be removed, do you have one installed (3rd party)?

    What OS are you using?
    Lan settings where? IE, ICQ, FireFox, TCP/IP?
  3. Nitronett

    Nitronett Private E-2

    Thanks for the reply back.This is the Microsoft XP Windows (Version 5.1;Service Pack 2) proxy server (not 3rd party).In Windows Control Panel double click Internet properties/click Connection tab/click LAN Settings/uncheck all boxes/ click OK/ clickOK (again).This should remove proxy connection settings. Mine immediately revert back again.These settings are also accessed in IE 6 through the TOOLS tab etc.
  4. Nitronett

    Nitronett Private E-2

    :) Update on my Proxy Server issue: The source of the issue is identified. The program GHOSTSURF 2005 adds a proxy server to the LAN settings in IE 6.I may have to uninstall it, pending an e-mail reply from their web site. Thanks Again to any respondants here!
  5. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    If memory serves me well, and sometimes it doesn't, Ghost serf uses a proxy to filter out certain items.

    Curious on their reply.

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