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Cant get mouse & keyboard to work

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by artbynatalie, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. artbynatalie

    artbynatalie Private E-2


    If someone can please help, my mouse wont operate my moniter om PC, i have tried several mouses & also another keyboard that at last use was working,
    nothing seems to work. The windows flag key doesnt seem to allow any thing to happen either.
    I have information on my hardrive i need to get. I have a laptop i thought maybe somehow i could connect to access it?
    Any ideas please on getting my computer working, the screen with everything on it is on the moniter by the way & it all reboots up fine, just cant get to operate it
    Many thanks in advance
  2. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    The keyboard has to be connected before you power on the computer. (You can't switch keyboards when the computer is on or it won't recognize the change) So try the second keyboard again.

    Plug in the keyboard and then reboot and then see if the keyboard works.
  3. locodave

    locodave Corporal

    Could you boot to safe mode by pressing down or tabbing F8 when you turn it on. See if they work now?

    You didn't mention if your using USB ports for them. Or plug them both into the M/B?

    Another thing just to mention. Un-plug them both. Turn on the computer. Get any beep codes? Your letting it turn on and find things with out them connected. Of cource it won't find them. Windows shouldn't boot up. It will also remember what it saw the last boot. When you re-connect them for the next boot. They might be reconized again.

    Do a force shut down by holding in the on button. Plug the mouse & keyboard back in. You might get a system file checker as windows didn't shut down normally. Let it run, then it will boot to windows & see if they now work.
  4. artbynatalie

    artbynatalie Private E-2

    Thank you for answering,I tried what you suggested but it still didnt work, i tried holding down F8 but it isnt giving me safe mode option

    it says 1st floppy drive,then HDD PM-ST340014a, then cd rom & a whole heap of letters. then SATA....., any other thoughts.
    I have plugged into USB's at back of tower
    thank you both for help, should i try buying another cheap keyboard ?
    i have about 6 mouses
  5. artbynatalie

    artbynatalie Private E-2

    Not quite sure how to reply here so sorry if it is the wrong way, I tried what you suggested vut that didnt work unfortunately, should i try another keyboard. As u can tell I am no computer geek!!
    thank you
  6. magical2099

    magical2099 Private First Class

    with a USB mouse and keyboard, try different ports (hopefully on the front of the tower). if that works, the problem is the USB controller, which may have a corrupted driver. What model PC is it? That will help narrow down the sources of the problem.
  7. locodave

    locodave Corporal

  8. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Did you try locodave's suggestion of trying to boot with no mouse and no keyboard? Did you get an error?

    Also, try with no mouse and just a keyboard. (To eliminate the mouse from the equation. You don't need a mouse to boot successfully but you must have a keyboard attached.)

    If your computer has the round ps/2 type connector available try with no mouse and a ps/2 keyboard. (You can get one very cheap if you can't borrow one).

    I, personally, don't recommend an adapter as they are problematic and work sporadically (from my experience).

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