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can't get online

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pkpk, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. pkpk

    pkpk Private E-2

    might be noobishly stupid here, but for some reason my pc no longer gets online.
    i had a broken monitor before xmas that has just been replaced, but i took everything into a local repair shop to check if it was the pc, the monitor or connection lead between the two that was the problem. new monitor works fine, but when i try either IE7 or Firefox (firefox downloaded and installed before xmas, IE7 on when i acquired the PC), neither links up. the same is true if i go to the itunes store- no connection. firefox says "server not found". all of these were fine before the pc leads got taken out and the PC took a trip to the repair store.
    i have tried the ipconfig 'ping' test which has 4 sent and 4 returned, so the connection should be there.
    i downloaded firefox along with AVG, spybot S&D, comodo firewall and at least one anti adware program (and prob a few others) from here on dec 17 and installed them that week. the monitor packed up around a week or so after that and the pc has been out of use since. i tried turning off the firewall and this made no difference, so i then deleted spybot in case that was blocking it (i was blocked a few months before by norton when i couldn't get on, so i replaced norton with these other products), and i have since tried to reinstall spybot but it won't let me- i get the message "error sending request. the server name or address could not be resolved". there are still lots of files left in the spybot directory on the C: drive for some reason.
    edit- have also now tried uninstalling the firewall itself but no joy.
    ran an AVG check today and nothing came up on it.
    i am on XP, PC is an e-machines 2210, 2.6GHz Intel Processor, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 56k fax modem. all worked fine before the monitor probs and subsequent visit to the repair shop.
    the pc (and this laptop) are both connected by ethernet cables to the home hub (the laptop also works with wireless if needed). have also tried switching the cables and the ping test is the same- both still say there is a signal.
    please tell me i'm being really daft and doing something easily fixable...
  2. criminelis

    criminelis Corporal

    Open command prompt and type:
    "netsh winsock reset"
    Reboot pc
  3. pkpk

    pkpk Private E-2

    tried that, but still no luck with both IE and Firefox.
    on firefox when i click the 'diagnose connection problems' link, it comes up with 'network diagnostic for windows xp has encountered a problem and needs to close...'
  4. pkpk

    pkpk Private E-2

    is now sorted- solved by going onto
    network connection,
    LAN properties,
    Internet Protocol (TCP/IP),
    obtain IP address and DNS server addresses automatically (apparently they had probably been reset by the shop for some reason).

    thanks for your help anyway. :)

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