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Can't get win-mx to work

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Joe, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Joe

    Joe =CENSORED=

    Probably because I'm behind a netgear adsl modem/router. Normally i would use port forwarding to get aroudn the problem but this piece of kit, won't allow it, any ideas?
  2. Joe

    Joe =CENSORED=

    College been a biatch, 30 hours a week excluding study time, seem to be spendign most of my spare tiem in the libery. That said its some pretty interesting stuff. I seem to be a dab hand at the auld programming (c++) . Should be around abite more over Christmas due to having a month off for study and hte like.
    also some serious sessions have been getting in the way of my usuall nerdyness.
  3. Joe

    Joe =CENSORED=

    Know of any decent multi network P2P clients, i used to know a brilliant one but i can't quiet remember what it was. I foudn htis one http://www.nongnu.org/mldonkey/ but it involves compiling stuff and the like, which I'm not that up on yet.

    It occures to me that I might be breaking some unoffical rules by asking these questions here.
  4. Joe

    Joe =CENSORED=

    I've downloaded several of these "filesharing" things and so far kazaa lite is the only one to conenct? Has me abite miffed

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