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Can't shut down Windows 7 background program running

Discussion in 'Software' started by amandajsmom, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. amandajsmom

    amandajsmom Private E-2

    I have Windows 7 installed on my client's laptop computer. This computer formerly belonged to my clients son, and had a previous version of Windows on it. There are 3 different logins, but I do have access to the administrator login.

    When I try to shut down windows, the computer hangs on "shutting down", and then I have to manually turn it off. When I turn on the computer, I always get the 'windows did not shut down properly' screen.

    Once, when an update was installed and subsquently tried to reboot the computer, I received the error 'program running in the background, force shutdown?'

    I don't see any programs in the task manager, so how do I go about finding out what this program is, and turning it off?
  2. whicky1978

    whicky1978 Staff Sergeant

    Without admin access, you can't change much. You can try re-installing fresh copy of windows or restoring it to factor state if it's a Dell or HP or something similar.
  3. amandajsmom

    amandajsmom Private E-2

    Is admin access different than access to administrator login? I can ask the client for access if it is a different thing.
  4. Baxter Stockman

    Baxter Stockman Private First Class

    Well if you have an account with admin rights you can technically change the password of the administrator account.
    In Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups -> Right Click user and select Set Password.

    As for find out what is causing the hang. Is it a 64 bit Windows 7 computer? Incompatible drivers may cause something like this.

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