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Catalyst Center blocks o/c

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sailor, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Sailor

    Sailor First Sergeant

    Maybe this thread would suit the software forum but I think it's fine here too :).
    Anyway, I attempted to overclock my Asus 1600 Pro using the Asus SmartDoc utility. From the default frequency which is 500 Mhz core, 790 Mhz Memory, I set it to 530 Mhz core, 730 Mhz memory.
    1) Is this increase way too ridiculous? It's my first o/c so I didn't wanna push it. Should I go higher?
    2)This is the main problem. I set Smart Doc to reload the settings on boot. When i rebooted I got a message from the Ati Catalyst Control Center saying "You do not have the rights to access the graphics settings". How do I bypass the control Center? I've heard that I should disable a card's control panel but never learned how.
  2. Sailor

    Sailor First Sergeant

    Nah, I hate to do this but..... *BUMP*
  3. ACE 256

    ACE 256 MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Overclocking Expe

    One: No overclock is to high or "ridiculous" as long as its stable and runs at a resonable temperature. In theory by pushing the edge of your overclock you shorten the life of the hardware, so in video cards I reccomentd droping the overclock back 10~20Mhz. But from what i see your only pushing the core 30Mhz ( a very small overclock ) and your even underclocking the ram. Go for more core if you can and at least run the mem at stock speeds.

    Two: simple. use ATI tool.
  4. Sailor

    Sailor First Sergeant

    You're right Ace no overclock can be called ridiculous but mine was indeed funny.
    Anyway, I googled for my frequencies and I saw that the stock memory is 800 Mhz. But both Riva Tuner and Ati Tool detect my default memory setting to 390 Mhz! :eek What is wrong?
  5. MeitHed

    MeitHed Specialist

    DDR2? Memory clock = 390x2 (780).. At least that is what I found with my x850Pro...

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