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Ccleaner permanently remove deleted files ?

Discussion in 'Software' started by SpecialFNK, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. SpecialFNK

    SpecialFNK Private First Class

    will using Ccleaner permanently remove deleted files? or do i need something else?
    im going to be getting a used computer off a friend for a younger cousin of mine for his first computer. im pretty sure my friend has some porn on his computer and i kinda joked to him to delete any pornographic pictures before giving me the computer. im not really worried about my cousin trying to go deep with programs to retrieve anything, but i dont want to take any chances for him to get into trouble in the future. i guess i dont really trust my friend as to the pictures hes been downloading and dont want to take a chance. im getting the computer free so cant beat the price.
    ive read that even when pictures are deleted they are not permanently deleted and can still be retrieved.
    i would like a way to absolutely permanently remove any deleted files.
    i know in Ccleaner you can go to options, settings, "wipe free space drives" for C: but will that do it?
    what about Ccleaner, secure file deletion (slower) ..does that do it?
    if there are any programs to download i would prefer ones that are not large in size as i only have a dila up connection.
  2. SpecialFNK

    SpecialFNK Private First Class

    thanx. ill do the Gutmann 35 passes tonight through the night.

    on Ccleaner when i first open it. there is Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, System, and then Advanced. nothing under Advanced is checked, is that right?
  3. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    I got a used computer from a friend. It was dead when I got it and he warned me there was porn on it. Once I cleaned out the years of dust and installed a new power supply and added RAM, I started cleaning.
    I searched for *.jpg then erased (quite a few passes with Heidi eraser) everything that was inappropriate. I didn't bother searching for *.avi because my friend just had pictures. Make sure you remove the browser history and bookmarks because they can lead to sites you might not want your younger cousin to go to.
    Heidi eraser allows you to permanently remove anything using 1, 3, 7 or 35 passes.
    It adds a right click option to the menu so if you find something and you want it gone, right click it and select erase. You then get a popup and one of the buttons is options so you can specify how many passes. If it isn't real critical, 1 is good. If you want it nuked, use 35.

    You can also use Eraser to erase all the free space on a hard drive. I've run this after I've defragged computers from my doctor's office, just to be sure that nothing can be recovered from the now unused clusters.
  4. SpecialFNK

    SpecialFNK Private First Class

    should Ccleaner using Gutmann (35 passes) always take awhile to run? i did that last night expecting it to run through the night, but it finished in about 5 seconds. it even said on the screen.. secure file deletion enabled - Gutmann (35 passes)
    i did just use the NSA (7 passes) earlier in the week, so maybe thats why the Gutmann 35 passes didnt take long?

    i downloaded the 8.16 MB Eraser setup expecting that to be it. after clicking the icon to run the setup it gives me another screen where i have to download the actual file size of 55 MB. for me on dial up thats pretty much not an option. the 8.16 MB takes me about 40-45 minutes. the 55 MB would take me maybe 6 hours. i could do that overnight aslong as it is sure to only take 6 hours or less, because my dial up connection will only stay connected for 6 continuous hours before automatically disconnecting. no matter what settings i have, always 6 hours maximum.
    if its worth it to try for the Eraser and CCleaner didnt get everything then i could try the 55 MB overnight.
  5. SpecialFNK

    SpecialFNK Private First Class

    i see on the Ccleaner on the first page, under "Advanced" at the bottom it has- Wipe Free Space. when i put a checkmark in that box it says "Wiping Free Space will significantly increase the amount of time the cleaning takes. We recommend you leave this disabled for normal use."
    i will check that box and use that tonight.

    for the Eraser. i downloaded EraserSetup32.exe
    Description- Eraser Setup Bootstrapper
    Company- The Eraser Project
    File Version-
    when i click it to run it starts to setup it shows me a small box that says- installing .NET Framework. then it opens a box that says Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Setup
    that box says the download for that is 55 MB.
  6. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    Wow, I am sorry about the Eraser link! I've never had it download any more - it just set up from what I had downloaded.
    I'm running v 5.6 and have it archived so I haven't downloaded it in a long time.

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