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Cd/dvd Drive Doesnt Recognize Blank Cd/dvd

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sanjbin, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. sanjbin

    sanjbin Private E-2

    Hi !
    I have one lite on cd drice and another memorex dual layer cd/dvd rw drive...i was able to burn anything using memorex burner in the past..last time i burned video was one month back ..but just today i tried to burn video..both of my drive cant recognize blank cd/dvd..but it can read any cd /dvd except blank one..i google on this problem..but nothing helps..i am using xp home edition..
    please help
  2. The Shadow

    The Shadow Specialist

    Duh! Does the term "Blank" give you a hint?

    BLANK, means just that....it's BLANK, there is nothing to read, NO Directory, NO nothing!

    The only thing that will look for and be satisfied with a Blank CD is a CD burning program, like Nero.

    If you try to burn to a disk that is NOT blank, the burning program will reject it.

    The Shadow
  3. sanjbin

    sanjbin Private E-2

    Shadow Thanks for the reply..
    I admit my brain is totally blank like that cd...but good thing is i am not the only one ..i googled before posting this thread and there are thousands like me with blank brain..once again thanks for the help shadow
  4. The Shadow

    The Shadow Specialist

    But, have you now got it working?
    If not, maybe I didn't give you the information you needed.:eek:

    I've been a PC tech since I built my first one ~1980.
    Since then I've probably done every dumb thing that can be done to a PC.:(

    My very first service call on a PC was to change the hard drive in an IBM AT.
    I couldn't find the screws to remove the case. I didn't know they were behind a plastic panel, held on by Velcro.
    Joe, my PC tech support guy, laughed like a maniac when I told him I couldn't find the screws.:-D:-D:-D
    I'll never forget that lesson! ;)

    Experience is truly, the best teacher.;)

    Cheers mate!
    The Shadow :cool
  5. sanjbin

    sanjbin Private E-2

    It's working now...actually it was never been bad...i was just curious and like a usb drive tried to go inside the drive and it popped up the message like cant read the disc.so i went crazy..nice to know that i got a help from one of the skilled person like u ...quiet a interesting story thanks for sharing..keep doing ur good work..
    Thanks once again

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