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CD-ROM doesnt recognises some cds

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by asher_friends, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. asher_friends

    asher_friends Private First Class

    hey geeks out there,my cd-rom has been acting strangely for past 2 days..whenever i try to insert a cd[except movie cd's],it is not reading the contents in the cd...i thouhgt this wud be auto-run problem but..i rectified it.Still it is showing me the same problem...I have also checked its hardware profile and it says that it is "working properly"....and all the softwares are also installed..Please help me.:confused: .......I have a BenQ DVD/CD-RW combo 48X24
  2. PCJinx

    PCJinx Private First Class

    Hi ya asher

    If you haven't tried already...
    I'd try a CD disk cleaner.
    Although it seems your DVD's are working...
    This still may rectify the problem.

    I would go into Device Manager...
    Remove or Unistall the problem device...
    Reboot and allow Windows to reinstall.
  3. asher_friends

    asher_friends Private First Class

    thanks for ur suggestion...this has finally worked:)
  4. PCJinx

    PCJinx Private First Class

    Your welcome asher. :)

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