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cd-rom driver

Discussion in 'Software' started by dbb, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. dbb

    dbb Private E-2

    help me please if anyone can. i installed windows 98 on a newer pc and the cd-rom works great till the instillation is complete but when i finally get windows booted the cd disappears. the cd-rom is a lightscribe dvd supermulti drive /cd writer. maxblast 4 works but the info flashes too quick.
    what driver do i need, what form of mscdex.exe do i need, and how do i modify config.sys and autoexec?
    anyone that can answer this will have my undieing gratitude.
  2. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    What was the original Windows OS? as I do not think you will ever find a driver to make a Lightscribe drive work with Win98 properly as the software to use Lightscribe was for XP and above only.

    Could tell us what devices in Device Manager have yellow ! marks or red X's? asking this as if the new PC was a Windows 7 based PC then drivers maybe missing on mass and you will likely not find any compatible ones at all, it would even be hard these days to find XP compatible ones.

    What is the make and model of CD drive?

    Whats the make and model of PC? (if one form say Dell, HP, Acer etc)

    Alot of this info can be found using the below as written.

    Note Everest may not work as it was originally for XP and above as many other system info applications are, but worth trying it.
  3. dbb

    dbb Private E-2

    thanks. i did get the cd to work once using a dvd cdwrite install program but i found out the partition was made wrong. i had a lot of problems trying but got a hold of an xp home edition (not upgrade) and was able to install it again with problems as i wa putting it on a sata harddrive. i had to make a few adjustments in the bios and got it installed and running good. there was a problem with the ethernet card but i used a wireless router and was still able to get to windows update. i still have a few hardware issues how ever which are ethernet controller, sm bus controller, and video controller (vga compatible).
    you guys are still kool and thanks for your input :)
  4. dbb

    dbb Private E-2

    ohh and the original operating system was vista. the pc was given to me but it needed a processor fan and the person that had the vista accounts was a friend but i didn't expect him to give me free access to his personal stuff and i hate vista anyway. i got win7 on another pc but i think it lacks a few things xp has. such as a driver that makes my webcam work ;)
  5. dbb

    dbb Private E-2

    with the help of carambis driver updater i was able to find the driver for sound. the motherboard is an asustek and i believe it was after i downloaded Realtek AC97 audio driver update. after downloading and running it i then went to my hardware profile and told the faulty driver to update it took a while but then found and installed. i got 1 last one to fix and that is the graphics but i am using an older monitor on it.
    and if anyone needs to know the version it is

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