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Change Your Own Oil?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jonathan03, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. jonathan03

    jonathan03 Private E-2

    I just got my oil changed and was shocked by the bill. What happened to a $20 oil change? So I was wondering, how hard/messy would it be to change your own oil? Would it be worth trying? Looking at some of the people who I saw there, it doesn't seem too complicated ;) Besides, it only took them 10 minutes. The only thing that I think could make it tough is not being able to lift the car like they do. It doesn't seem like it would require many tools. I'm not that experienced with cars, but I am able to do technical and mechanical things. So is it worth it to change my own oil?
  2. Endi

    Endi Lt. Links

  3. TheDoug

    TheDoug MajorGeek

    It's not so much changing the oil that's the b**ch, it's the filter. Plus, you gotta figure-- even though they try to sell you air filters and wiper blades, that $24.99 also gets you fluids topped up, windows washed, tire pressure checked, and a vacuum. Look for a coupon in that Val-Pak envelope in the mail to save you a fiver. Or just do what I do-- tell them, damn, I left my coupon on the kitchen counter at home-- they'll give you a discount.
  4. jonathan03

    jonathan03 Private E-2

    Gas stations accept oil? Will all gas stations take oil or only a few? I have never seen a sign or anything at a gas satation that said they would take used oil.
  5. Njal

    Njal Private E-2

    Most any of your autoparts stores take oil, the rule of thumb is basically if they sell it (in quantity) they have to take it.

    Changing the oil on most cars isn't too bad. However, consider the fact that for 5 quarts of a decent oil and a decent filter you could be spending $12-15 dollars.. So if they are charging you $20-25 is it really worth the hassle?

  6. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

    Wal-mart will do it for $15.99 (with Valvoline), 11.99 for generic Wallyworld oil. I'm sure you live near one, since the only place they haven't located is Antarctica(yet). I change the oil in my beater truck myself, but the dealer gave me free oil changes for as long as I own it when I bought my car.
  7. jonathan03

    jonathan03 Private E-2

    Well besides the cost, I want to change my oil myself because the two times I had it done they screwed it up. The first time I got it done it was awful lol. They unplugged all kinds of sensors for some reason and didn't put them back in. All of the warning lights were randomlu blinking when I left the oil change place. So I came back and had them fix it. But that isn't all lol. About a two months later I was putting windsheild wiper fluid in and I found all the tools they left in my car! They left all sorts of wrenches and other types of tools right under the hood. I was amazed they hadn't fallen out or got caught in one of the belts :eek:

    The other time I had my oil change they ripped off all of the tape like material that defrosts the back windsheild. So I'm not looking forward to the winter very much. I'll have to fix that before then - just another project for me.

    So maybe I have bad luck, but both of the times I had my oil changed it hasn't gone well. And if I screw something up, at least I will know not to do it again :)
  8. Sgt. Tibbs

    Sgt. Tibbs Ultra Geek

    Where have you been going to get it changed, Joe's Fly-by-Night Auto Service??? :eek:

    I pay them to do mine (although where I go you don't get a vacuum, THAT would be neat!). I pull in, and while I sit in the car they do everything. Oil, filter, top off all fluids and check for leaks, check all belts, check tire pressure, check wiper blades, keep track of what services the manufacturer recommends (most of which I promptly ignore, but it's good to know ;)). Normally costs $29.95, but they tend to send me a coupon about three weeks before I should be due for a change, sometimes it's $5.00 off, sometimes it's $10.00.
  9. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Dont change my own any more its done at service intervals by my dealer... why you ask! well not much space to work in engine bay plus the amount of stuff you got to take off to get at the drain plug and other items.. way way too much hassle.

  10. F18delta

    F18delta Private E-2

    It used to be ::drags soapbox over to stand on:: that you could not only change your oil, but overhaul your carb, crawl in next to the engine, change your own air filter, and check, change, and gap your own spark plugs. When I was growing up, cars were made out of more metal than plastic. There were no such things as airbags; only a parent's arm that was faster than any airbag was gonna save you from not being buckled in. :: puts soapbox back under the table::

    If you want to change your own oil, then invest a small amount of money in the proper tools for the job. You will most likely need either a socket wrench or box end wrench that fits your oil drain plug, an oil filter wrench, and a drip pan of some sort that you can seal up to take it to the oil recycling place. You might want to also get some ramps for your car so that you can drive the car up on the ramps for easier access to the oil drain plug. Other than that, pull the plug, let it drain, pull the filter and try NOT to let it drain on you, replace the plug and filter, and pour in the oil. Not so tough, is it?

    @ Halo: Cripes man! Is there an engine somewhere under all of that?!?
  11. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Funny enough yes once you get the protective coverings off........ 2.4lt 5cyl to be accurate :D
  12. COBRA90GT

    COBRA90GT Private First Class

    Yes, I change my own oil - having the proper tools is essential, as stated above. I have an oil filter wrench, necessary hand tools (socket, 3/8" drive, etc), and a set of Rhino Ramps (or you can make your own out of wood).

    Changing your own oil is an excellent idea, not only for the cost savings, but to know that the job is done correctly. You can't always trust the fellas working at the quicky lube places...too many horror stories. LOL

    Generic instructions for a late model mustang, see below:

  13. Njal

    Njal Private E-2

    As a cautionary note, if you choose to fabricate your own ramps out of wood be sure to make them extremely sturdy. Since the front of many late model cars can weigh upwards of a ton. Trucks and SUV's weigh even more. I would highly recommend spending the few extra dollars for a set of pre-constructed ramps.

  14. fleppen

    fleppen Gumshoe

    Volkswagen? (looks almost exactly the same as the engine in the VW Golf IV I'm taking driving lessons in.)
  15. NeoNemesis

    NeoNemesis Moutharrhea

    too young to drive, but I would imagine it is fairly simple-that is... from watching over people it looks simple
  16. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Fiat Stilo Abarth MY04 ( manual geared version )
  17. muskybob

    muskybob Fish Tickler

    .......And, don't forget to put the vehicle in park (or in gear if manual tranny), set the parking brake, & chock the rear wheels. ;)

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