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Chronicles of Riddick:EFBB Developer's Cut

Discussion in 'Software' started by housiemousie2, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. housiemousie2

    housiemousie2 Corporal

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library


    abnormal program termination

    ^That's what I get when I try to run this game. I installed the EU patch to fix the OpenGL issue and Entry Point Not Found/MCCDyn.dll issue. I own the PC DVD ROM version of the game which is a UK version... says so right on the box.

    I updated my various drivers... I think... I hope... hell, I don't know... it's been three days of this crap to try to get this game to play after I got a new video card, power supply and doubled my RAM. Funny how it worked fine, sluggishly but fine, on my old video card a GeForce 4 MX 420, with half the RAM.


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  2. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

  3. housiemousie2

    housiemousie2 Corporal

    Where would I look for the option to disable the EAX? If it is IN the game, then that is not an option since it will not load at all... unless I can get to it via the program folders/files.

    OS auto-updates... did so night before last too.

    As for display lang... maybe I should use EU? The game is the EU version? Ya think?
  4. Maxwell

    Maxwell Folgers

  5. housiemousie2

    housiemousie2 Corporal

    I have read through 5 of the 7 pages at that forum, and this is AFTER doing searches for keywords... will finish reading all posts soon.
    I posted there, still no replies.

    I wouldn't expect the lang to be an issue either, but who knows what effects what in these crazy machines these days. lol
  6. housiemousie2

    housiemousie2 Corporal

    Nevermind. Thanks for the interest/input. I figured it out myself.
  7. Wyatt_Earp

    Wyatt_Earp MajorGeek

    It would be helpful if you posted what you did to fix the problem so that other people who might have the problem in the future don't have to go through all of this.
  8. housiemousie2

    housiemousie2 Corporal

    Planned on it, just waiting to see if this time 'fixed' was REALLY fixed. lol

    These were my posts in the official forum for the game.

    "Let's see... first there was the OpenGL 1.3 or higher issue, but RivaTuner seemed to cure that.
    Next came the:
    "SbzEngine.exe Entry Point Not Found
    The procedure entry point ?SSE_Multiply_Mc_Mc_4x3@@YAXABV?$TMatrix34@MH@@AAV1@@Z
    could not be located in the Dynamic Link Library MCCDyn.dll."

    After I click the OK button for the MCCDyn.dll/Entry Point Not Found notice... the game launches, but I can not get past the Psycho-Rubik's Cube game menu... it goes to the little load box/diamond and proceeds to do absolutely nothing for as long as I am willing to let it stay that way. I have to exit out using Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

    So I tried uninstalling the game, removing the remaining files/folders and reinstalling without the extra content as was suggested by someone who had the:
    'OLD file was not found, file of same name was found, contents are not what they should be, patch was not installed':
    After the fresh install I tried to apply the patch and got the OLD file error again.

    I am using the Developer's Cut CD and the "riddick_update_en_10_11.exe" which claims to be the correct patch for my country and game version.

    In addition I also have the issue of the game displaying in 800x600. I have the newest driver for my monitor, sound card and video card.

    CPUID says under bit 25, Streaming SIMD Extension, Vaule: Yes.

    A little help please? Before I start getting shiv happy on this game's wanna be a$$?"

    Next post to that forum:


    Since so many issues seem to arise from people getting the wrong patch, perhaps a sticky thread entitled something like:

    PC DVD ROM Patch

    Then explain how to tell which version they have? Since the UK/EU references are so tiny on the packaging and it seems like so many of us Yanks are walking into local stores and buying UK versions.

    The correct patch fixed the MCCDyn.dll issue and the OLD file issue.

    The game still insists on displaying at 800x600. How can I change/fix this?

    I don't think my current settings are appropriate for this game either... 1440x900 @ 60Hz, 32 bit. What is?"

    Next Post:

    "I spoke too soon...

    It ran the first time, but now it will not load at all.

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library


    abnormal program termination

    What now?"

    Last post:

    "My solution...

    Looking in the GAME'S "System" folder, I found other EXEs and tried them until I found one that worked.

    I could not copy the icon for the working version to my desktop and have it open the correct version, I think it defaults to the main executable file.
    I chose not to alter where the icon points to and just use the icon that was placed in the Start menu's recently used programs list."

    There ya go! :)

    FYI I never got a single reply to any of those posts at the game's site forum... which is too bad since the game is absolutely fantastic... once you can get it to run. lol

    To recap:

    OpenGL issues were fixed by downloading and installing Riva Tuner and using it to over ride the ForceWare/OpenGL setting to version 1.5.

    Riva Tuner can be downloaded here:


    The next issue was due to the installation of the incorrect patch. Despite the fact that I bought my game in the US, it was a UK version and needed the UK patch. This is a VERY common issue on the game's forum.

    The last issue was not technically FIXED, just worked around, by using a different launch exe.
    ~Program Files\StarbreezeStudios\Riddick EFBB\System...then look for the 'CPU version' your computer has... or the closest thing to it, you will find a game exe icon in the folder, just use it to launch your game... should run fine. If not, keep trying them until you find one that does. The icon will be named SbzEngine.exe.

    The game requires SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions.) For an 'older' machine like mine, whether or not I had it was something that needed looking into, fortunately my little thoroughbred does.

    This is the sticky post from the game's forum regarding SSE:

    "Originally posted by Moderator AngryCowGod

    Here's a link to AMD's Q&A online, which provides the follwing info:

    "SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions) support is included in AMD's 3Dnow!™ Professional technology, which is supported in all Model 8 and Model 6 AMD Athlon™ processors (AMD Athlon XP, AMD Athlon MP, mobile AMD Athlon 4) and Model 7 AMD Duron™ processors.

    The original Model 1 and Model 2 AMD Athlon processors and Model 3 AMD Duron processors do not support SSE as a whole, but do support certain SSE instructions, including software prefetch instructions and streaming store instructions (MOVNTQ). These instructions are included in Enhanced 3DNow! technology, which is supported by these processors.

    To determine whether an installed processor supports SSE, use a utility such as AMD CPUID, which can be downloaded from the AMD Processor Utilities and Updates page( http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/DevelopWithAMD/0,,30_2252_871_2364,00.html ). CPUID feature flags should be used to determine instruction set support, rather than deriving the processor's capabilities from vendor specifiers combined with CPUID model numbers. Further qualification of SSE should be done by checking for OS support. Even if SSE support is present in the processor, it may not be usable if the OS lacks support for the additional architected registers."

    To use AMD CPUID, just download and run. If you have SSE support, it will tell you under CPU ID(1)(listed as "Processor and Features" under the "Features" column) > EDX (listed as "Feature Flags" ;) > bit 25.

    The full article can be found here:,/?St=34,E=0000000000197107934,K=4605,Sxi=14,Case=obj(3741)"

    I know... a long way to go, but a trip worth making if you own the game!

    Best of luck!

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