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clone operating system onto another hard drive

Discussion in 'Software' started by GCWesq, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    Wanting to clone XP only onto another (small) HDD and leave other files where they are (maybe drivers too - would that be sensible?). I'm planning to run two HDDs - one with the OS and the other with docs, etc. Reading other posts, it looks like XXClone might be the go - but that post was from 8 months ago. Anyone know if that's still the best? It's just for a straight copy, no partitions.
    Can you just copy the OS, or do you have to copy the whole thing?
    Bootit NG seems to be getting some good press too.
    Also, does anyone know how much storage space would be required for XP Home and XP Pro?
  2. risk_reversal

    risk_reversal Sergeant Major

    Presumably, I take it that your current hdd only has one partition with o/s, progs and data on it.

    If that is the case then cloning or imaging it will not lead to your objective.

    What you will need to do is remove the data from the partition in question and then clone/image that partition onto your new drive.

    Don't know about XXClone but BiNG has a solid following.

    If you are going to run 2 hdd in your system, perhaps a better idea (subject to space) would be to paritition the 1st hdd and create a primary & active partition (XP + progs) and an extended partition for your data. You could then have an extended partition on the 2nd hdd with a back up of your data (from the 1st hdd).

    Syncback (free version) will allow you to synchronise the 2 extended data partitions.

    Good Luck
  3. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    Thanks rr. I have space limitations unfortunately This is for a PC for my parents who just need to do a bit of emailing and a bit of surfing. I have some old (small) HDDs that will do the trick. I have XP Pro on another HDD that is dying loudly, so I want to put that on a different HDD and use it as primary, and leave their data on teh HDD they have now. That HDD has ME on it. I want XP pro so I can operate their PC remotely - keep anti-virus and anti-spyware up to date, help with glitches, etc.
    However, your advice is useful. I will do that for my own PC. I think I understand teh setup you're suggesting. And I'll have a look at BiNG. Thanks again.
  4. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Hi Greg,

    You really need an XP installation CD to get XP running on your parent's PC. Cloning an existing HD with XP that was installed on a different computer won't work. [The drivers will be too different for the OS to run.] Do you have an XP CD?

    XP takes about 3 to 4GB on a fresh install but usually about 6 to 8GB if you want programs like MS Office installed. A 20gb drive is fine but I think you need an installation CD.
  5. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    Thanks sach2.
    I perhaps haven't explained quite fully. The computer I'm putting together for my Ps is one I found. Needed a bit of RAM and I upgraded the CPU. The HDD (can you believe people throw out their PCs with the HDD still in it?) is noisy and I think it's on teh way out. So I intend to put another smaller HDD in there, with the OS copied across, then get the HDD out of the PD my parents have now (with ME on it) and put that in too. What I have read suggests that the cloned copy of XP should work, since it's going in the same computer.
  6. risk_reversal

    risk_reversal Sergeant Major

    Yes will work ok.

    When XP boots it will detect new hardware install the driver and prompt for a reboot.

    Good Luck
  7. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    Laughing here. :-D All went very smoothly. Thanks all. (Used XXclone - found it on MG download site.)
  8. hrlow2

    hrlow2 MajorGeek

    I use xxClone all the time.
    You did use the CoolTools feature to make clone bootable?
  9. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    Yes, thanks hrlow2. It wasn't all that clear that I needed to do that, but I read enough about XXclone to figure it out.
    I'm now wanting to put a HDD with XP Pro on it into another computer. It won't boot, but it goes OK in another older computer. I presume it's that serial number matching problem I've read about. I noticed that XXclone had some number matching thing in there - do you know if I can just use that bit of teh program to get the HDD to behave?
  10. hrlow2

    hrlow2 MajorGeek

    Don't think it would hurt to try. I've never used that feature, so can't really say.
  11. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    Here I go! (Nice to be on at teh same time as someone else for a change!)
  12. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    No good. BSOD, as before. Back to the drawing board.
  13. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    SUCCESS!!! I'll post method in a new thread - it might be useful to someone.
  14. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

  15. hrlow2

    hrlow2 MajorGeek

    Glad to hear that you succeeded in both projects. Way to go.
  16. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    Thanks Hrlow2.
    Next project is to get Office 2000 to behave. It tries to install (Word, Excel, or whatever) but then asks for the setup or install file (can't remember which). It gives a default folder to look in, and if you say OK, it aborts, but if you cancel, it opens! I'll post this problem somewhere if I can't fix it soon.
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