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Coaxial Cable (5c-2V) vs RG58U & RG59U

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Gaterader, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Gaterader

    Gaterader Private E-2

    I've looked everywhere on the internet and only find Coaxial cable (5c-2v) from China. I bought a HD antenna on ebay (new) and it requires that cable. I've looked it up on the internet and the basic cable shown in my directions and the picture shown on FengHua Yuguang Electron Wire and Cable looks pretty much like the RG58U or RG59U cable. Does anyone know if there is a real difference?

    I'd hate to think I need to order cable from China. The preface for the cable is that it conducts the power to activate the built in rotor which runs on 12V, 65mA current running thru the coaxial cable. The same cable is used to recieve the signal from the antenna to the television and is routed out from the power box to the television. I'm including scanned copies of the front and back of the only instructions with this item. I am going to mount it on a 50' tower, so I only want to do it once. I don't mind if it fries a few birds that land on it, but I don't want to fry my HD television or my house.

    Any Help is appreciated.

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  2. chapincito

    chapincito Specialist

    You can use RG-6 for that purpose, just use good quality connectors (press connectors over CRIMP connectors), maybe you will have to buy the tools for that, but you can buy them at any dollar store, and or rubber protectors and or silicon along with that. RG-58 or RG-59 are too thin, adecuate for interior installations and not adecuate for exterior instalations.;)
  3. Gaterader

    Gaterader Private E-2

    "Thank you so much". Preciate it.
  4. Gaterader

    Gaterader Private E-2

    One more quick question, I'm not familiar with the word "adecuate", could you please explain that to me, thank you.
  5. Gaterader

    Gaterader Private E-2

    Oh, I get it, I can use the RG58U or RG59U inside the house, but from the box to the antenna I need RG6.........right?
  6. chapincito

    chapincito Specialist


    Let us know.;)
  7. Ballzy22

    Ballzy22 Private E-2

    My comment is what materials are in the RG6 you are referring to? There are a few different types of RG 6 cable. Just saying that you can use an RG6 cable does not solve it. Does the RG6 you are referring to use aluminum shielding, copper shielding or tinned copper shielding? Does it have an aluminum foil shield also? Does anyone know exactly what a 5c-2V cable is made of?
  8. Gaterader

    Gaterader Private E-2

    That was my original question. All I know is that my new digital antenna uses 5c-2v wire which uses 12V, 65mA to power the built in rotor. I was told R6 would work from the antenna to the box and from the box out I could use either RG58U or RG59U, I still have not put up my antenna for the very reason you have entered. If anyone out there has a better answer, I'd like to know. Thank You.
  9. Colemanguy

    Colemanguy MajorGeek

    Dont buy cheap crimping tools, will only make shitty connections or take extra work.
  10. Gaterader

    Gaterader Private E-2

    I have a good set of tools I have used for over ten years, and I bought them after using cheap tools. Thanks.

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