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Computer beeps every 10 minutes

Discussion in 'Software' started by mike bornor, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. mike bornor

    mike bornor Private E-2

    About every 10 minutes my computer will make a two tone beep (low-high)regardless of whether I'm using the computer or not. It comes from the case speaker while I'm in vista with no other programs running.
    If I start it up in safe mode I do not get the beeps.
    I have searched the net and found a very similar problem on http://www.duxcw.com/dcforum/DCForumID5/753.html
    I have looked in Event Viewer but cannot pin anything down
    I have turned off all sounds and disconnected the speakers to no avail.
  2. matt.chugg

    matt.chugg MajorGeek

    check your event logs.

    Click Start --> Run and type in "Eventvwr.msc" (without quotes) and hit enter

    Have a look through the logs for a recurring error (interval matching the beeps)

    let me know what you find.
  3. Clark_Kent

    Clark_Kent MajorGeek

  4. mike bornor

    mike bornor Private E-2

    Hi Matt
    I downloaded Everest but could not make it show voltage on computer rumnning Vista.
    The beeps continue even in "Sleep" mode, if this gves you any more clues
  5. mike bornor

    mike bornor Private E-2

    The computer is only 3 months old
  6. Rainy

    Rainy Guest

    do u use your computer to download softwares or movies a lot?that can cause some problems to your hard drive,too. u can do some defragment,use auslogics defrag or diskeeper to optimize ur hard drive. hope it will work
  7. tunered

    tunered MajorGeek

    Them beebs are coming from the mother board, if you will post the name and model i will try to search for your beep codes. ed
  8. mike bornor

    mike bornor Private E-2

    Hi Tunered
    Using Everest I have found the following info:-
    Motherboard ID 63-0505-000001-00101111-091205-SiS760GX$A0264505_BIOS DATE:09/12/05 20:46:23 VER: 08.00.10
    Motherboard Name Unknown
    It would help enormously to identify what the beeps mean
  9. mike bornor

    mike bornor Private E-2

    Hi Rainy
    I used Auslogic defrag on the registry and the files but the beeps continue.
  10. mike bornor

    mike bornor Private E-2

    Hi Matt
    I have been monitoring voltages using Speedfan
    There is variation in any voltage greater than 0.02 volts
  11. mike bornor

    mike bornor Private E-2

    Sorry Matt
    The last post should read There is no greater variation that 0.02 volts
  12. tunered

    tunered MajorGeek

    I cant get nowhere with that mother board id, give me the name and model of the pc or laptop. ed
  13. mike bornor

    mike bornor Private E-2

    Hi Tunered
    The computer is an ASUS Pundit-AE3 Barebone System
  14. mike bornor

    mike bornor Private E-2

    Hi Tunered
    I have found the following info
    Product K8S-MV-P
    Manufacturer ASUSTek Computer Inc
    Version Rev 1.xx
    Version 0505
    Vendor American Megatrends
    Release date 09/12/2005
    Hope this helps
  15. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    Are you using an uninterruptible power supply? Someone discovered that it was the UPS beeping and not the computer because the battery was going in the UPS.

    Another question, is this a notebook? If it is that is a low level battery warning and even if it is plugged in, there might be a problem with the connector or power cord. If it is 3 months old, it is probably still under warranty.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2007
  16. mike bornor

    mike bornor Private E-2

    Hi Plodr
    It is not a notebook.
    It is plugged straight into the mains
    I tried loading ASUS PC Probe from the support disk but I got a "Fail to install ACPI Driver" message.
    The ASUS PC Probe loaded OK on my other computer which is running XP
    The computer running XP has started making the same two tone (Low to high) beep as the computer running Vista, but the inteval between beeps is longer.
    The two computers are identical apart from one running Vista and the other XP.
    I cleared all event from the Event Log and checked them immediately following a beep, there wer no new entries with that time stamp.
  17. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    If I were a betting person, I'd bet on bad hardware. If the software is different and they both suffer from the same problem, then it is probably hardware. (Unless ironically, you installed the same program on both computers). Also since the beeps don't start right after the POST, it doesn't sound like a BIOS Code message. Almost 99% of the search results for beeps relate to BIOS beep codes and that doesn't seem to apply here.

    Has this happened since the computers are new? If not, think back to when the beeps started and what software might have been added.
    Also on the XP computer, if this has only started in the last week, have you tried going back to a restore point?

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