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Computer keeps shutting down???

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by JoyceG, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. JoyceG

    JoyceG Private E-2

    Hello, I'm here because after about 30 minutes of using my computer it automatically goes into "power-saving mode" and will not work again until I manually turn it off and then on again. I don't know where to begin to find the problem. Please help! Thank you for looking.

    GRWDAD Private First Class

    Is it a laptop or desktop?
  3. JoyceG

    JoyceG Private E-2

    It is an HP Pavillion 533w desktop.
  4. JoyceG

    JoyceG Private E-2


    Please help!:cry
  5. shanemail

    shanemail Fold On

    try this

    right click on desktop
    select - properties
    select - screen saver tab
    select - power
    check settings for system standby
    and also on the hibernate tab

    its possible these may have something to do with your problem
    although these settings should only come into effect if your computer has been idle for a certain amount of time

    if this does not work
    please post back which operating system you are using,
    and tell us if it only occurs while the computer is idle,
    and whether you have a UPS connected or not.

    good luck
  6. JoyceG

    JoyceG Private E-2

    I did all that and I have everything set to not shut down, not hibernate, and not set to standby and the computer still goes to "power saving mode" after only a short while of use. This happens even if I'm in the middle of using it.

    I have UPS set to "currently stopped." I'm running on WindowsXP Home. SP2 and everything, all updated on HP and Windows. Thank you for your help, btw.
  7. JoyceG

    JoyceG Private E-2

    Sorry to bump again but I could really use some advice before spending hundreds on a new computer. Please? :cry :cry :cry
  8. shanemail

    shanemail Fold On

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