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Computer (not sure what part)...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bocaj, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. bocaj

    bocaj Private First Class

    ....keeps making a funny winding up/winding down noise.
    I don't think it's the DVD-rom, nothing inside it.
    It could be one of the harddrives maybe, there are 3.

    It's got me boggled and it's downright annoying as it vibrates the case and in turn, you can slightly feel it through the desk.

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.
  2. mcknight

    mcknight Private E-2

    Easy, open it up and unplug the cd/dvd drive. See if it still makes that noise. If it does try the hard drives. My guess would be the cd even if there's nothing in it. I had a laptop that did that.
  3. chapincito

    chapincito Specialist

    Usually are any of the fans that get dry and is in need of replacemente.
  4. tunered

    tunered MajorGeek

    I think you will find your cpu fan dirty, and heatsink full of the usual crap[lint,dirt]. The older fans with the 2 pin plug run at a constant speed, the newer fans with the 3 pin plug are controlled from the motherboard and works off of cpu temps, this is what i think you are hearing, fan speeding up,slowing down, and when they get dirt buildup they get out of balance and vibrate. ed
  5. Natakel

    Natakel Guest

    First, check your fans as chapincito and tunered suggested. From the amount of vibration you described I'd be really surprised if one of them wasn't the cause.

    If you suspect a hard-drive, you can use a wooden dowell rod as a "stethoscope" - like a mechanic does when tracking the source of engine noise. I once worked on a friends four hard-drive system that was making this aggravating high pitched whine . . . it was so bad it put your teeth on edge. I narrowed it to one of the hard-drives, and I found using a dowel quicker then having to shut down, unplug one, and then restarting for each drive. Within seconds I determined which drive it was.

    However, I'm comfortable around the insides of a running computer - if you aren't, then you should use the shut down - unplug method. Just remember that in addition to shutting the PC down, also unplug the power cord from the wall socket - because even if the computer is off there is still power going to the board.

    Post back with what you find out. My bet is on a fan with that much vibration.

  6. tunered

    tunered MajorGeek

    Hard drives run at a constant rpm, his seems to speed up, slow down,I cant remember a dvd drive running without a disc, maybe they will. ed
  7. Natakel

    Natakel Guest

    Right, I forgot to address that. I've never had one run without a disk inserted either. I've had failing hard-drives do some pretty weird stuff, but with the kind of vibration described I'd bet the farm it's a system fan.
  8. bocaj

    bocaj Private First Class

    Okay, I figured out it was the fan at the back.
    It's on medium speed and it'll wind up fast, then wind down to a slower speed - and repeat.
    When I set the fan to high speed, it's a constant winding sound.
    I blew the dust in and out of the computer and it's still doing it.
    Could it be because it's not getting the right amount of power? Place wrong on the motherboard?
    Not sure, so just throwing ideas out.
    Thanks again, much appreciated.
  9. mcknight

    mcknight Private E-2

    Just to clarify, I had an HP laptop (Omnibook) and the cd would spin up, spin down, spin up, etc. Yes, even without a cd in the drive, like it was "looking" every so often to see if there was a cd in. Made the whole system slow down and hesitate while it was "looking".

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