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Computer only works in safe mode

Discussion in 'Software' started by XZeroX, Dec 9, 2004.

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  1. XZeroX

    XZeroX Private E-2

    I can only get my computer to run in safe. What could I do to fix it?
  2. Turcoloco

    Turcoloco MajorGeek

    My initial guess would be a misbehaving or incorrect device driver, then an application configured to start along with Windows when booted in 'Normal' mode.
    START > RUN > type msconfig > OK then click on the STARTUP page and examine the programs listed on there, try disabling suspicious and/or undeed ones then reboot. A smarter way would be to disable (clear the box) one at a time and reboot to find out the culprit.

    The above will help with the application starting along with Windows, the first possibility I mentioned about the device drivers would require a bit different approach but try the msconfig method first and let us know. ;)
  3. XZeroX

    XZeroX Private E-2

    I just tried that but it didn't work. This all started when I installed sp2 so that may be a problem.
  4. IrOnMaN

    IrOnMaN Specialist

    hmm. what happens when you try to boot in normal mode?

    can you see anything on the monitor?
  5. Farbib

    Farbib Corporal

    I wonder what would happen in this specific case if he did a Last Known Good Configuration?
  6. Turcoloco

    Turcoloco MajorGeek

    Does 'Last known good configuration' workaround help as Farbib suggested?

    SP2 mainly did security related changes (Security Center which checks for Windows Firewall, Automatic Updates and a Virus Scanner) Security Center likes to activate the first 2 automatically and will tell you if there is a real-time virus scanner installed and running. Only known problems with a 3rd party that also kicks in during bootup would be ZoneAlarm, do you have ZoneAlarm installed or had it at one point?
    You might have to do START > RUN > services.msc and change the 'startup' settings of some of the not-so-vital once to either manual or even disabled.
    Also try turning the Windows Firewall off to to see if it helps...
  7. IrOnMaN

    IrOnMaN Specialist

    i guess its not his video card since he didnt answer me.
  8. XZeroX

    XZeroX Private E-2

    When i start it i see DELL in blue then it goes to the black screen with choices.

    Last Known Config doesn't work either.
  9. Farbib

    Farbib Corporal

    Have you tried reinstalling your video card drivers?

    Safe mode, Device manager, Uninstall videocard drivers, Restart computer, does the Add hardware wizard appear and return you to normal mode?
  10. odiear3rd

    odiear3rd Corporal

    I had the same problem a couple months age. I did the same as Farbib suggested and wins corrected the prob. I aggre w/ him to solve the prob. ODIE :)
  11. XZeroX

    XZeroX Private E-2

    I unistalled the driver then it worked.

    Thank you very much :)
  12. odiear3rd

    odiear3rd Corporal

    Glad you got it resolved. Remember you can control your system drivers most of the time in Devise Manager the same way. I lost my mouse curser one time and went into Devise Manager remove the mouse driver and rebooted and windows reinstall it. Good Luck ODIE :)
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