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Computer Turning OFF on its own.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by swalsh19, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. swalsh19

    swalsh19 Private First Class

    My computer is turning off all by itself. I have changed the Power Supply and the CPU Fan, without fixing the issue. I have checked the bios and all the thermal protection monitors have been turned off.

    Would it be the motherboard causing the problem???
  2. 20Valve

    20Valve Sergeant

    Maybe pull the ram and hard drives. Start er' up and she if she turns off. If not, it might be an OS problem. If not, work you way upwards. Add ram, one stick at a time, turn on, let it run a bit. Then reconnect the hard drives and see what happens.

    Just an outside chance, have you tried a different outlet or surge protector? Try a different power cable?
  3. swalsh19

    swalsh19 Private First Class

    I have tried that. I have one piece of RAM on the board, no HDD's. I run Memtest and after 5-10mins unit is off.

    I think I will pickup another mobo and start there.

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