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Computer wont boot/POST, fans run. What now?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by CoupleK, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. CoupleK

    CoupleK Private E-2

    Greetings MG forums!

    I've had my computer for 2 years, purchased refurbished. Recently, it stopped working.

    The problem:
    Now when I hit the power button on my computer, all my fans power up (PSU fan, CPU fan, and general tower fan) and run much faster than usual, my HDD and DVD drive power up, but nothing else happens. The LED behind my power button also does not come on. There is no signal to the monitor, no POST beeps etc. I'm fairly certain there was a POST beep when booting before this problem arose.

    If I hold the power button down for 5 seconds, the system fan shuts off, the PSU fan stays on, and the processor fan slows down but still runs. After this the power button affects nothing and I have to unplug my computer to turn it off.

    Things I have tried:
    The first thing I did was replace the power supply. A rash move, but there had been a thunderstorm and I jumped to conclusions. (My computer was off during the thunderstorm, but my surge protector is ancient and may just be a glorified extension cord, so I got worried). The exact same problem persisted.

    Next, I unplugged and removed everything from my power supply except the mobo, and took everything off of the mobo except for the processor and one stick of RAM (it has onboard graphics, so I used the VGA port on the mobo to connect to my monitor). This did not work.

    Next, I found compatible RAM that I had tested to work properly in another machine, and put it in the first RAM slot. I got the same problem.

    After this, I cleared the CMOS with a jumper on my mobo. This didnt help, so I removed the battery for 10 minutes and then replaced it. The same problem still persisted.

    Where I'm at now:
    So after trudging around the internet for a long time looking at similar threads for ideas, I fear that either my mobo or my CPU has failed, and I'm getting the vibe that it's probably my mobo.

    If anyone has any other ideas, I would love to hear them. I'm also interested to hear if you think it's the mobo or the CPU if you think one of them is borked. It would make my decision on what to buy a lot more comfortable.

    500W ATX Power supply
    MCP61PM-AM Mobo (This is probably from a no-name manufacturer?)
    AMD Athlon 64 x2 some-thousand series (not sure!)

    Finally, this is my first post here! You guys seemed pretty cool, and I didn't see any recommendations not to have my first post be a cry for help, so I took the plunge and posted on my first support forum. Thank you for any time you spare!
  2. risk_reversal

    risk_reversal Sergeant Major

    A barebones set up ie mobo, cpu+hsf, ram, vga is a good testing method. If you fail to get a beep [if you have connected a speaker] or no vga signal, then the first thing is to confirm that the attached peripherals are fine. In your case this would be ram and cpu since your vga is onboard.

    If the ram is known working then obviously as you have stated you are left with cpu or vga/mobo.

    The difficult bit in any pc repair is to spend as little as possible finding the solution. You already know this having purchased a psu that did not resolve the issue.

    As regards the cpu is there a way for you to test it in another machine. If not the other alternative is to buy a cheapy off ebay.

    As regards the mobo or vga, and more specifically the vga side, you could get a cheap vga and test that also.

    The only way to move forward is by process of illimination, no other way.

    Lastly, check the capacitors on the mobo the cylindrical ones sticking up from mobo, they should not be deformed or leaking and be flat and shiny on top not bulging and rusty looking.

    Personally, I would remove the cpu and ram connect a speaker to the mobo and fire it up if no beeps of any kind then in my opinion the mobo is dead.

    Good Luck
  3. daveh551

    daveh551 Private E-2

    This is a long shot, but one other thing to try is just leave it on for a while. I'm fighting a problem with somewhat similar symptoms, but the funny thing is that after several hours, sometimes a day or more, the system will suddenly boot on its own. No idea why, and I'm trying to figure out. I'm focusing on CMOS settings right now, but I don't have an answer.
  4. CoupleK

    CoupleK Private E-2

    Just FYI, I replaced the motherboard and everything runs fine.

    Thanks for the help!

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