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Computer Won't Power Down After Shutdown

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Darklighter, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Darklighter

    Darklighter Private E-2


    A short while ago I built my friend a new computer system. This system is VERY close to my own in hardware and software. I have been working with computers for more than 20 years, and I have a small hobby-business of building/working on PCs and related software. The problem I am having with his system started about the time that I built the system, and has lasted through various hardware/software changes.

    The Problem
    After using his computer for awhile, when he goes to Shut Down (to turn it off), it will sometimes shut the "system" off (HDDs/OS?) but will remain powered on. This happens randomly without any sort of pattern I have been able to discern so far. I have Googled the heck out this issue, but it doesn't seem to be a well-known phenomanon.

    The Current System
    ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wi-Fi MoBo
    Athlon64 X2 6000+ CPU
    Corsair XMS2 2GB PC6400 DDR2 (2x1GB) Dual Channel RAM Kit
    2 x eVGA 8800GT 512MB Graphics cards in SLI (latest non-BETA Drivers)
    Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Music PCI Card
    LG GSA-H55N SATA DVD Super Multi Burner
    LG GSA-4163B IDE DVD Super Multi Burner
    3.5" Floppy Drive
    WD 250GB SATA2 HDD (Primary, with WindowsXP Home SP2) *Dual Boot*
    WD 250GB SATA2 HDD (Secondary, with WindowsXP Pro SP2)*Dual Boot*
    PC Power&Cooling Silencer750 750W Quad-SLI ATX 2.0 PSU
    Silverstone TJ-07 Tower Case with LOTS of air cooling
    All latest drivers and DirectX
    AVG Anti-Virus
    Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard (USB)
    Logitech MX1000 Wireless Mouse (PS/2)
    Wireless = DISABLED, Internet/Network via onboard GigaLAN

    What I Have Tried
    > Current Video Cards replacing OCZ 8800GTX 768MB
    > Replaced second SATA DVD Burner with IDE Burner
    > Current PSU replacing Enermax Liberty 620W PSU
    > Reformatted and Reinstalled Windows on both drives
    > Removed X-Fi, tried onboard sound and NO sound at all
    > Disabled Firewire
    > Reinstalled several drivers
    > Disabled nVidia Driver Helper Service
    > Changed LAN Ports
    > Changed LAN Cables/Router/Connection
    > Both HDDs are new & Replacements
    > Shutting Down Hot & Cold (happens under both circumstances)
    > Nothing in Error Logs
    > Used Tweak Manager to enable "Power Down After Shutdown" Reg Entry
    > Checked all Power Management settings in BIOS and Windows
    > Have tried a number fo other "little things"

    What I Have NOT Tried
    > Using another Keyboard & Mouse (Trying that next)
    > Replacing MoBo, RAM and/or CPU (Can't really dot his unless I know that's the problem)
    > Replacing PSU (This is the second one we tried, I can't believe we'd have that bad of luck
    > Reinstalling bare Windows again, then see if it happens with just the OS and no other software (I'm sure it happened on my last reinstall though).
    > Adding Ethernet card (no available slot without pulling X-Fi)
    > Updating BIOS (There's only one newer and it says it's only for CPU support)

    I'm not sure what else I can do... I'm leaning towards this being a hardware issue, but I just can't tell him to start replacing key parts without at least an idea of what's wrong. Keep in mind, other than the video cards (I have a 8800 Ultra), SATA Burner (mine are both IDE), PSU (mine is a Silverstone 850w) and wireless mouse (I have a Logitech G5), we have virtually the same systems... I have the same XP Pro install on my main HDD that he has on his Secondary HDD (the one I am using to troubleshoot). Other than the AV and his use of iTunes we have nearly identical software as well... and I have NO issues.

    He is a friend, but I am not about to start pulling my system apart to provide "test" parts for his MoBo, CPU and RAM... I need some more direction as to the problem. If anyone could offer some concrete advice/assistance I'd truly appreciate it.

  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    I think you're leaning in the right direction. When I've seen this happen, it's usually due to either the sound card (or it's driver) or the USB ports (or their driver) not completely shutting off when everything else does, thus the system remains kind of 'hung' waiting for the device(s) to shut down completely; or it's a faulty PSU. Since you mentioned that you've tried on board sound, PCI sound card, and no sound (assuming on board was disabled), then it may be the USB. Try disabling all USB function in the BIOS and see if that fixes the problem. If so, maybe there's a BIOS flash update that addresses the issue. Alternatively, if you have any USB devices, disconnect them and see if that helps the problem. I was originally thinking PSU but you've tried two... I can't imagine that RAM or optical drives could be causing this, but I suppose anything is possible. Anyway, like I said, every time I've encountered this same issue, it's been the power supply, the sound, or USB. So maybe checking for new updated drivers for these devices would help.
    Good luck!
  3. Darklighter

    Darklighter Private E-2

    Thanks... yes I am going to try a straight PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard then disable the USB.
  4. Darklighter

    Darklighter Private E-2

    UPDATE: Changing APM to S1, changing KB and Mouse to other PS/2 and disabling USB controller all still result in shutdown problem.
  5. Yargwel

    Yargwel MajorGeek

    Does this problem occur if the PC is run in Safe Mode? I ask because I had this trouble once before and it turned out to be a Microsoft driver for an Ethernet card (yes, I know you haven't got one) which although it was the latest driver available just didn't work. I tracked it down by disabling virtually everything as everything seemed to work to some degree in Safe Mode and then loading the drivers up one at a time until I found the culprit took a a long time mind you. :zzz
  6. Darklighter

    Darklighter Private E-2

    I haven't tried that specifically, but this was happening while I was installing Windows (before drivers)... I just didn't relaize it was an ongoing issue at that time.
  7. thesmokingun

    thesmokingun MajorGeek

    just another thing to do, maybe disable any legacy usb support, and also disable on board lan (if there is one), and anything else onboard that isn't necessary to run...more thinking leads me to believe the motherboard is the culprit somehow. oh, and double check that the ram specs in the bios are what it's supposed to be, or try different ram as well.
  8. Yargwel

    Yargwel MajorGeek

    Umm :confused I thought you said
    But anyway the main bunch of drivers are loaded before the Windows desktop appears.
  9. Terry Mathis

    Terry Mathis Private E-2

    On boot up, try pausing the pre-boot screen and seeing (reading) if Windows has any 'error' messages there before un-pausing and continuing .

    Also, if you hold the 'power on' button down for five seconds when shutting down, does this close down the comp?

    Also try "Advanced Windows v2 Personal" (freeware) and run a scan and apply the fixes. It is a long shot, but that little proggie is excellent and may point the way to a solution.
  10. Darklighter

    Darklighter Private E-2

    I meant the amount of time he was on Windows per session. As for the drivers, I meant the updated, factory drivers.



    - No errors
    - Computer will shut-off when hung by holding down power button
    - "Advanced Windows V2 Personal" is what exactly? Like a system-file checker?
  11. Darklighter

    Darklighter Private E-2

    UPDATE: New PSU didn't fix it... going to assume it's the Mobo. Going to do a stripped down out-of-the-box test this weekend as a final test though.
  12. Yargwel

    Yargwel MajorGeek

    Well good luck on that. Let us know how it worked out.
  13. Terry Mathis

    Terry Mathis Private E-2


    Just get the free proggie "Advanced Windows V2 Personal" here at major geek. Use the 'search mg' on the front of the downloads page..

    It does check files, registry. startup, hangups and more. When you read what it does do, you will be impressed. It IS one good freeware program.
  14. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    He left out one important word.... the name is actually Advanced WindowsCare v2 Personal. It is free, and a great bit of tune-up software. I doubt if it will help your situation, but I guess it couldn't hurt.... here's the link:
  15. Terry Mathis

    Terry Mathis Private E-2

    OOps!.. thanks for that. You never know what might 'hang' a comp! ;)
  16. Terry Mathis

    Terry Mathis Private E-2

    The fact that the comp will hard power down tells me you don't have a hardware problem. Try the program above, then think about going back to a restore point before the event started happening. Best of luck! :)
  17. Darklighter

    Darklighter Private E-2

    Even with 2 different Windows on 2 different HDDs and after 2 fresh reinstalls of said Windows?
  18. Terry Mathis

    Terry Mathis Private E-2

    Ah! The rest of the story.. did you go into BIOS at Boot up and check the settings were right there (first), or remove the CMOS battery for two minutes to reset the Bios to its original state (second)??
  19. Darklighter

    Darklighter Private E-2

    Thanks for the reply... actually, I mentioned in my OP about the dual boot, but yes I flashed, reset and triple-checked the BIOS. :) :confused
  20. Darklighter

    Darklighter Private E-2

    Update: After extensive testing, I have decided that the problem likely lies in a bad USB controller on the MoBo... it's been RMAed.

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