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Computone Card (PCI) drivers

Discussion in 'Software' started by felino, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. felino

    felino Private E-2

    Hi to everyone...

    Very new to this Forum.

    I need the Linux (CENTOS) drivers for a very old PCI Computone Card
    (8 ports). Can anyone help with that?


  2. BoredOutOfMyMind

    BoredOutOfMyMind Picabo, ICU

    Hi felino,

    Welcome to MG. Did you have the card working in another OS? CENTOS is a Fedora core distro as far as I can remember. Google results show a fix that is outdated, and this was at one time supported in the 2.6 Kernels. Can you offer more details regarding the card? Can you see it with the command-

  3. felino

    felino Private E-2

    Hello BoredOutOfMyMind.
    Thank you for answering.
    Card (Computone EX-II) was working ok in an SCO-Open Server v5.5
    But we moved to a linux box (CENTOS v5.6) and we sould like to keep using it
    to handle several modems. I am not an expert in this kind of stuff, so help will be
    very welcomed.
  4. BoredOutOfMyMind

    BoredOutOfMyMind Picabo, ICU

    Whew! tough call and unless you know how to compile a kernel from 5.5 to 5.6, this will be an rough ride. I did find this link.


    and if you have the code in your 5.6 CENTOS box.... this line in kernel seems to point to you.



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