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Connection drops while playing games/steam

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by disk00, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. disk00

    disk00 Private E-2

    Yeah, as the thread title says.

    This is a very weird problem, because 2 of my games work online, but everything else drops my connection. I thought maybe there was too much bandwidth being used by the game, but how come I can torrent at 1mb/s? and still web-surf while its doing that. But as soon as I get on Steam to play a game online, it drops, or doesn't work at all. Same with MMORPGs such as WoW and others.

    The only 2 games I've gotten to work online are Split/second, been playing it for a few hours now and never got dropped. And Burnout paradise, well, for about 20 minutes then it stopped.

    I guess what im asking is. Why does my connection drop so often on gaming? It works fine on the laptop, but not my desktop. Though, I can download and do everything else, just as good as the laptop when it comes to the connection.

    Other note: 20mb wireless connection. ( i don't think its the connection, cause ive seen 2 laptops in this house get perfect signal, even when playing games online ) my OS Vista
    home premium 64-bit

    edit: I thought it was because the drivers were outdated. But windows just got done updating the drivers for my adapter...and still, it drops like mad. ( only when gaming for some reason...)

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