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Convert a VGA PORT to become a COMM PORT

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hayes7457, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. hayes7457

    hayes7457 Private E-2

    Hey all

    hopefully someone can assist, I am using Harris Radios to connect to HP laptops, I require the Comm Port on the Radio to connect to the VGA Port on the laptop.

    The laptop has no serial port and I am led to believe the equipment has been connected via the VGA port in the past.

    My question is can I configure the VGA port to act as a serial port and pass raw data, if so what is the commands do I need to enter and where do I input them. Hopefully someone can help


  2. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

  3. hayes7457

    hayes7457 Private E-2

    thx Foogoo

    I know that usb to vga adapters are available, I am unsure if this can be done but would like to ask the forum if anyone has any ideas I did find online a command line to input into the Kernel which would enable serial data traffic over a vga port however I have not been able to find that information again.

    Can a VGA port become a Serial Port??
  4. jlphlp

    jlphlp Master Sergeant

    Hi Hayes,

    FooGoo is correct. In addition, the VGA port and the Serial Port are two different animals. VGA is a parallel port with only a few in/out lines. Serial has the in/out and common on 3 leads. An adaptor would probably not be found anywhere (?). FooGoo's suggestion for a PCI board would be a very easy solution. You may not find a new one but EBay or a Google search should turn up a good used one.

    Good Luck, Jim
  5. collinsl

    collinsl MajorGeek

    VGA can only be used to transmitting graphics. COM ports use different voltages, pins, and layout. I do not understand how any data equipment can be connected to a port that is routed directly to the graphics card.

    You would be much better off following the advice of foogoo and getting an adapter.
  6. jlphlp

    jlphlp Master Sergeant

    Hi Collins,

    I'm sure that if it was really necessary an adaptor could be constructed but it would be even more complicated than a PCI card. Your advice and FooGoo's is still the best.

  7. collinsl

    collinsl MajorGeek

    You would have to do a lot of programming as well to get the graphics card to route the data through itself from the software to the port, not to mention this would probably also kill off graphics for the time you needed the adapter.
  8. jlphlp

    jlphlp Master Sergeant

    Hi again Collins,



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