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Counter Strike

Discussion in 'Software' started by chase8937, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. chase8937

    chase8937 Private E-2

    Last night I Installed the game Counter Strike. I tried playing the game but it froze on me. It would not let me do anything, so I took the battery out and restarted the computer. When I turned on the computer I remember it said that I had incurred a major crash. Now my computer is a little fuzzy, and now the screen is not taking up the full space. There is about a 2" space on each side that is blank.. If you know of anything I can do to fix this I would appreciate it..
  2. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    Sadly, first guess is hardware failure, not easy to diagnose without taking it in. Sounds like a vide problem. You can tinker add\remove the drivers, etc., but if it crashes, take it to a shop.
  3. chase8937

    chase8937 Private E-2

  4. minimus

    minimus Private E-2

    Oh this soudns familiar! I have this friend who faced same thing when he installed counter strike. He toldme later he'd had a major crash!

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