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Date Modified in Windows 7 folders

Discussion in 'Software' started by paulhodson, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. paulhodson

    paulhodson Private E-2

    When I used XP Pro I used to download images from the net to a folder on my desktop which I could then sort by "Date Modified" (when viewing"Details"). I could then go back to thumbnail views and the most recently downloaded file was at the top of the display.

    I do not appear to have this column in Windows 7 and my downloads are all over the place - and hence hard to find.

    How do I restore this function please?
  2. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    So, your downloads are going to various folders? Are you using IE to download, or what? Win 7 has a standard Downloads folder. Normally, downloads initiated via web browser would go to that folder unless you've designated a different location. Please explain your situation in more detail.
  3. paulhodson

    paulhodson Private E-2

    I am downloading from Firefox - and have designated a folder on the desktop to accept the downloads. (My data is on a separate drive - the C drive is just for the OS and programs but for convenience I use a folder on the desktop to hold downloaded files - sometimes temporarily before moving them on to the main storage drive).

    When I said my downloads were all over the place I explained badly - I mean the file order in the folder is all over the place so when I have many files in it there does not seem to be a way to find the latest file I downloaded quickly. Sorting by date is not the same as sorting by date modified as I did in XP.
  4. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    With Windows Explorer displaying your downloads folder, try clicking on the drop down arrow next to Type and selecting, for example, Applications. Then, click on the Date modified column header. This should give you only the Application files in date sequence. Does that help?
  5. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    And if you don't have the date modified column just right click Name or Type and you will get a list of column types to display. Add Date Modified.
  6. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    Oops, I missed a key point. Yeah, he needs to add that column.:-o
  7. paulhodson

    paulhodson Private E-2

    I really appreciate that guys. Must have missed it in the manual - oh no - there isn't one! :banghead

    Being serious - I had searched "Help" quite hard and failed to find it.

    Now not only do I have the column I needed - I have others that are really useful as a photographer too!

    Cheers :wine
  8. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Hi Paul

    I know your issue with folders and the views are fixed with the great help given above, but noticed you mention being a photographer and this is something that may interest you as some of the tools are good for pros Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2
  9. paulhodson

    paulhodson Private E-2

    Thanks Halo - I'll check it out. :)

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