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dban disc not working on laptop

Discussion in 'Software' started by paul70, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. paul70

    paul70 Corporal

    i have used this in the past to wipe desktop pc's without any fuss , i have just acquired a 2nd hand laptop and tried to wipe it with dban but with no success . is it because its a disc about 2 year old or is it something else , the laptop is an E -system make and iam using vista home premium , any help would be great , thanks
  2. tgell

    tgell Major Geek Extraordinaire

    DBAN might not detect your SATA controller. One possibility would be to go into BIOS and then select Legacy IDE support for the controller.
    Another would be to use Active@KillDisk. This only uses a one pass wipe with zeros.
    A third option would be to use the hard drive's own internal security deletion using HDDerase.

  3. paul70

    paul70 Corporal

    thanks for the quick response , happy xmas
  4. tgell

    tgell Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Good Luck and Merry Christmas to you also. And, I would like to wish every one on this board a Happy New Year also. :)

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