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Default Gateway changing after reboot

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by peanut 182, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. peanut 182

    peanut 182 Private E-2


    im running vista x64
    and just recently (cant think of anything that would of triggered this)

    but every time i reboot my computer

    the default gateway changes to blank in my IP settings.

    This means that the internet wont work until i have re-entered it and then it works fine

    any one have a idea what is causing this?

  2. jnorman10

    jnorman10 Private E-2

    do you have your IP settings setup by DHCP (automatic config) or statically (plug them in yourself)?
  3. peanut 182

    peanut 182 Private E-2

    Nvm, i fixed it

    i had disabled the service "system event notification service"

    and surly, its only possible for my default gateway to change if i enter it statically ?

    SOLVED :)
  4. jnorman10

    jnorman10 Private E-2

    Seen stranger things happen before lad.

    Cheers and good luck!!

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