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Default laptop display as a second monitor problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by boob, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. boob

    boob Private E-2

    Hi there,

    In short; I want to make my Samsung monitor behave as if it were the Laptop's MAIN monitor or Primary monitor.

    In long and detailed; I can use it just fine as an extension of my laptop's screenspace with the "extend my windows desktop on to this monitor" checkbox but the problem I am having is it behaves as if the new monitor is an extra bit of space, I dont want this, I want the new monitor to behave as if it is the Master, the Primary, the Main monitor since its far better than the slowly dying laptop display I have.

    I have googled this issue a fair bit, there are a few complications, like the Nvidia taking control of some of the settings which makes it strange to work with.

    Or there is the Fn + F5 to switch monitor thing, when I use this feature it does it's job at switching monitor so I think 'ahh now It must be on the New monitor as the default' so I extend to the laptop and it just switches back to the laptop display being the Primary and the other monitor as secondary.

    The only way I seem to be able to have the Samsung as my Primary is to have the laptop display not in use at all.

    Even in the Nvidia Nview panel thing when you chose 'Dual mode', you can set which monitor is primary and secondary but the 'set as primary' checkbox is Greyd out.

    There is a Drop down selector thing, where you have 2 options.

    1. Primary display Laptop monitor and secodary Samsung


    2. Primary display Laptop monitor and secondary Samsung

    Yeah... -__- whats up with that?

    Basically I really really dont want to be draging windows over from the laptop to the samsung monitor every time I open something up, on top of that, 3D Studio Max doesn't like operating on a secondary monitor apparently, the mouse jumps to the laptop whenever I try to rotate the view...

    It can all work great but only if i use JUST the Samsung monitor, as soon as I try to use both it makes the laptop the Primary all the time. And I would love the extra space the laptop screen can add for following tutorials and stuff. ;_;
  2. Drizzles

    Drizzles First Sergeant

    if you use the fn+f5 keys you should be able to switch to the alternate screen. Also if you have the alternate monitor plugged in when you boot up, it should automatically load the external monitor as the main.
  3. boob

    boob Private E-2

    I do have the alternate monitor plugged in when I boot and yes your right it does load the external monitor as the main but the problem is when I try to then extend to the laptop montitor.

    This is as clear as I can say this; (Whenever I try to use 2 monitors) it ALWAYS makes the laptop monitor the Primary, regardless of how I booted/ extended to etc.

    And Fn+F5 just alternates between monitors when only one is in use (so no good for me since I want to use both) Fn+F5 actually doesn't work when you have 2 monitors in use.

    Thanks for replying Drizzles.
  4. Drizzles

    Drizzles First Sergeant

    I don't know maybe try updating drivers from the NVidia website (that way you get their upgraded application with it), and using the Set Up Multiple Displays function again ...
  5. fairjoeblue

    fairjoeblue Private E-2

    This will only work if you want to use the external monitor ONLY .

    Set it to make the external monitor the primary then go to the Control panel.
    double click the System icon
    Click the Hardware tab
    Open the Device Manager
    Expand the listing for the Monitors
    Eight click on the laptop monitor & disable it .

    If you want to use both monitors but make the external the primary I don't think it will work.
  6. Drizzles

    Drizzles First Sergeant

    No he def wants to use them both ...
  7. boob

    boob Private E-2

    I did get the latest Nvidia driver and yes it gave me a new Nview control panel with which to control all my video carding needs, unfortunately the same thing as last time happens.

    It always makes the laptop monitor the primary every time you either extend desktop or use 'dual view' in the nview settings. I have tried all the other modes but sadly it doesn't seem to want to work the way I want it to.

    Is there some kind of lock deep inside windows that makes this happen? How about down at Bios level, I had a look in there for display options but I didnt find anything, only the usual boot from stuff, hardware enabling like multicore err and some other stuff like that >_>

    "If you want to use both monitors but make the external the primary I don't think it will work." D: nuuu dont say that! (I dont actually mind Alt+tabbing I'm just after the luxoury side of things)

    Thanks for the replies so far guys
  8. fairjoeblue

    fairjoeblue Private E-2

    I've offerered all the input I can.
    I simply don't use nvidia video cards so I'm not familure with their settings & controls.
    If it was ATI I'd know exactly how it works.

    Sometimes you simply can't make a computer do what you want it to. laptops especially.
  9. boob

    boob Private E-2



    thanks anyway
  10. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    I didn't see a note of the laptop make, but look in the BIOS for some settings.

    Unfortunately the BIOS for some makes are lamentably sparse, but you may be lucky.
  11. SomeDude

    SomeDude Private E-2

    You said you're using the NView panel. If you don't need to have the laptop screen as a secondary space have you tried running dualview in clone mode? It takes the exact same screen that you have infront of you on the primary and casts it onto the secondary. Everything you do would show up on both monitors though unfortunately because I don't believe you can turn laptop monitors off without turning the laptop itself off can you? But atleast you'll have your desktop and programs/games etc.. on the monitor. Sorry if that's no help dude.

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