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dell optiplex gx260 ram upgrade

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Scott Chensota, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Scott Chensota

    Scott Chensota Private E-2

    the more i look for memory sticks for this dinosaur, the more conflicting info i get. I'm running a p4 @ 1.8 ghz. dont know how to find bus speed (silly me)rolleyes. back to the sticks...one site says pc 2100, one says pc 2700, and another says it can handle pc 3200. i'm not a gamer and dont do air traffic control on the side. i'm running with 2x 256mb. Seems that maxing at 2x 1gb would be like 9 times faster page loads. it boots up quick anyway. can anyone point me in the right direction before i order cards that arent dell compatible (i read their picky), or waste money on something that i dont need. i also read that this thing isnt dual channel compatable. some cards are, some arent. to get to the point...266 vs 333 vs 400...how much is too much? point #2...2gb ram upgrade...overkill?
  2. abekl

    abekl First Sergeant

  3. collinsl

    collinsl MajorGeek

    The Dell Optiplex GX260 supports 200/266MHz DDR RAM. This is PC2100 specification.

    This should be fairly easy to find on a site such as Ebay.

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