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desktop computer won't power on

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mattychatty18, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. mattychatty18

    mattychatty18 Private E-2

    I have an acer aspire m1100 (all original) from factory state. This computer is roughly around 4-5 years old now. The computer powers on but only the cpu fan will run. I have tried changing memory to a known working stick and different working monitor. I have added a video card to check make sure it wasn't the on board graphics. I have tried another psu and nothing changes. I have a feeling its gonna be the motherboard but just wanted to make sure with people that know more then i do. Also should say that once the power button is pressed you carnt turn it back off from the power button after pull the power cord out which i know isn't good for it as it is.
  2. jefflbi

    jefflbi Private First Class

    You say you added another video card, but did you go into the bios to check and see if there was an option for setting the primary video? Sometimes you have to disable the onboard video for the pci slot to be recognized. But I'm assuming that since you said only the cpu fan is spinning, that you have no video during boot up. You might try pressing the delete/F1/F2 keys alternatively right when you turn the power on to see if it'll display the BIOS.

    Usually to turn the power off with the power button, you have to keep it depressed for up to 10 seconds.
  3. mattychatty18

    mattychatty18 Private E-2

    Thank you for your reply. That's right i don't get any video to see bios even pressing f1 - f2. Hard drive spins up but doesn't change anything i have also tried to get video without any drives still the same. The only thing i carnt change is the cpu because i don't have another to exchange it for. Also i tried holding the button for 1min + still wouldn't shut it off

    Anymore help you could provide would be great.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  4. jefflbi

    jefflbi Private First Class

    This may sound basic, but did you make sure your monitor is set to the proper input selection, for example DVI or VGA?? That determines the port the cable is plugged into. Most monitors offer both options and you have to actually select it using buttons on the monitor.
  5. mattychatty18

    mattychatty18 Private E-2

    That didn't change anything cos the computer not.actually running its just the cpu fan running really fast. I have hit a dead end with my own knolage so need someone else's.
  6. matt8911

    matt8911 Private E-2

    First try blowing all dust out of your CPU cooler as a overheating CPU will not start. One thing is the fans for the CPU must turn as well for PC to start.

    Open Case and watch if the CPU fan turns at start up if not post back here.
    Next, remove all USB drives and other things connected to the PC, then try to start and get to BIOS( one at a time to see which device hinders the PC from starting).

    Next try to use PS-2 mouse and KB then start up.
    Anything, odd connected via Firewire or any sound cards installed? if so remove one at a time to see which one allows the PC to boot even your internet connection.

    Next is to reset your BIOS settings via your reset pins inside your case. You will need to unplug your PC from the wall socket first and then depress the power button to remove any residual power for a few secs. You will need to consult your manual for the pins location (use a non magnetic screwdriver or other INSULATED tool to short the pins together for at least the count of ten. Alternatively you could find and remove the BIOS battery(again see manual). reinsert battery and reconnect your power cord then restart to BIOS please and load optimized defaults and save and restart to BIOS again. Ensure all settings are correct for your setup then restart.

    hope this helps
  7. matt8911

    matt8911 Private E-2

  8. mattychatty18

    mattychatty18 Private E-2

    Hi thank you for your reply i have done all of the above i have got the bare minimum plugged in to the pc. I have all so blown the whole tower out with compressed air. I have removed CMOS battery 10+ times nothing changed.

    Still the only thing that happens in high power cpu fan (spinning faster then it ever as) i have even tried a different CMOS battery with same type. Domnt have any cards plugged in at the present because everything integrated to the board i need.

    Any other suggestions would be great.
  9. matt8911

    matt8911 Private E-2

    Did you try to use PS2 mouse and KB?
    Remove any internal USB connections? (with power off of course :) Some times USB connections at times prevent PCs from booting. Ensure all connection inside are firmly seated where they go inside the case(again with power disconnected) You will have to do all these easy checks even though they sound so simple to check. the reason is its best to check all the primary things like loose connections, etc dusty parts as they are the most likely reason why PC will not start. You don't want to go to the PC repair shop and spend big bucks on a repair only to see minor problems that could have been resolved at home.

    PS One more thing is anything displaying on screen at all or just black screen? does the monitor display a video signal problem like its not getting a signal (most will show a message that there is no signal) try disconnecting video cable to see the message that displays with no connection so you know what i talk about.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2013
  10. mattychatty18

    mattychatty18 Private E-2

    Thanks for quick replys yeah i tried that aswel don't even get power to mouse and keyboard or so it would seem anyway flashes when i first press power button and that's it again.
  11. matt8911

    matt8911 Private E-2

    So if you have verified that the monitor works like i asked you to in previous post (and monitor does work then you have a problem
    A.getting power to your board (bad Power supply) or
    B.your BIOS is corrupted or bad (will not allow PC to power on self test (post) or
    C.the mobo is defective time to call the Geek squad!! My sympathies to you maybe you have a warranty still?
    Good luck Matt8911
  12. mattychatty18

    mattychatty18 Private E-2

    Hi yeah i think its motherboard i have had a another working psu in from a known working psu and i have replaced the cmos battery still no luck so guess its time for a new motherboard (warranty is out) only took 3 years and computer about 4-5 year old maybe older.
  13. matt8911

    matt8911 Private E-2

    keeping in mind that I am only giving you my opinion of what is wrong, drawing on my past experience and electronics degree. I would take the mainboard out to examine it and see if you can see anything that looks broken, wet, burned or blown(capacitors do this). Also before you remove the mainboard try to reseat the CPU and check for thermal paste on it that is required to keep it cool. Long story short try to determine the problem first, if you can, before you start to spend money.

    Wishing you luck, Matt8911
  14. mattychatty18

    mattychatty18 Private E-2

    Hi thanks have had the board out and the under side is looking a bit brown and is bubbled in the middle of the board. Non of the capacitors are bulging, open or leaving at a visual examine anyway. I have successfully replaced capacitor in other items before e.g pc monitor. Don't think this board will ever work again :/ would you suggest now was the time to replace it?
  15. matt8911

    matt8911 Private E-2

    You might want to google replacing a mainboard in your system as I think some systems use proprietary parts (they use parts that are special from their own vendors that are sometime built different or somehow differ from widely available parts).
    So once you get a board there is no garantee that it will fit in to your existing hardware. Right now researching your system on the net would be a worthy endevor.
    I will be back later tonight if you need more info
  16. jefflbi

    jefflbi Private First Class

    Unfortunately, they just don't build them like they used to. If you get 5 yrs out of a prebuilt system, anything after that is gravy. My system, which I built myself is 5½ yrs old. It has one issue that is not problematic enough for me to go thru the time and expense of an upgrade.

    But most likely you still have access to the data on the hard drive. You can probably just slave it in your next system and get the data off it.

    Good luck.
  17. matt8911

    matt8911 Private E-2

    I know well how some systems last longer than others, my Compaq presario is still rocking with ancient hardware from 2004 i think. Its old lol I will have to look careful to replace its board with something that can run IDE drives and hope it fits in my case with the existing standoff holes(or i can drill new ones maybe) Since this system is outdated I can mod the heck out of the case and no worries cuz its not going to matter that much. :) Only downside is replacing most parts is going to cost some cash.
  18. simpleguy

    simpleguy Private E-2

    I have an Acer Aspire M1100. I thought the motherboard or video card had gone bad. I changed the cmos battery and was checking everything else. Come to find out my processor had worked itself loose. I reseated my processor and it's working again no problems.

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