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Desktop items, favorite links all disappeared

Discussion in 'Software' started by mystique-topaz, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. mystique-topaz

    mystique-topaz Private E-2

    Please help.

    This just happened where my several folders and files from my desktop are not showing up. When I tried to copy a program back to my desktop, it asked me if I wanted to replace it, meaning it was already there, yet I cannot see it. (please see my uploaded photo)

    I have lost all my favorite links too, or did I? I'm wondering if everything is just in 'hidden' mode or something.

    The link to majorgeeks was gone from my favorites along with all the others and I had to google it to find this place again.

    I am operating Windows XP. I was looking into the properties of a file folder and can't remember what I was looking at or what I did, just before everything disappeared. When I tried to move a program to my desktop, it asked me if I wanted to replace it, so everything must still be there, right?

    Please help me bring it all back. I have folders of tons of work (see second screen shot) which shows them being there, but for some reason they are naked to my eyes.

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  2. Aimee Wilbury

    Aimee Wilbury Staff Sergeant

    try going to Folder Options and enable to see hidden files. it's possible it may have been hidden by mistake.

    screenie (I'm on Vista, may be slightly different on your OS, it's all basically the same though)

    p.s. the links are called "shortcuts" ;)
  3. mystique-topaz

    mystique-topaz Private E-2


    I got a part fix, sort of. My icons and folders are back on my desktop, but they are shadowed? (see screen shot)

    My explorer window did not recover the "shortcuts"? There were many folders and shortcuts from years of surfing. I hope they are still onboard somewhere around here.

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  4. mystique-topaz

    mystique-topaz Private E-2

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