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Did A Factory Reset On Android Tablet But Don't Have Email Password

Discussion in 'Smartphones and Tablets - Software' started by Edward Kasner, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Edward Kasner

    Edward Kasner Private E-2

    Hi - I wonder if anyone can help me in this?

    I've just done a really stupid thing. I did a factory reset on my Android tablet after it was behaving erratically. I'd never done a reset before, so I followed the instructions on backing up everything, noted down important passwords, then did the reset.

    Unfortunately, I forgot to check that I knew the most important email password of all - the one I registered with the Google Play Store. This means I don't know how to get back the apps I paid for. I always used gift cards, so I can't use my credit card to ID me. Also, I only ever used that email address to buy apps with, and never emailed anyone with it, didn't put a phone number on it, and can't remember the month I've created it. I went through the recovery routine where you give another email address and they send you a code, but that just ended with them telling me they could not prove I owned the email address.

    Is there anything I can do? Thanks.
  2. MaxTurner

    MaxTurner MajorGeek

    If you purchased apps for money, you must have receipts so I suggest you contact the app sellers to see if they will help you.
    There is not an IT way of solving that. Naturally, you must also learn the lesson of not having kept a record of your Google Play Store account.
  3. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

    If she purchased them through the Google Play store, the receipts would be from Google and sent to the missing Gmail account.
  4. Edward Kasner

    Edward Kasner Private E-2

    OP here. I've just remembered that the email address I need the password for is the one I used to set up this Majorgeeks account, plus a few other forum accounts. I was wondering if this would be a way of tracing my password, or a way of proving to Gmail that I'm the owner of the email account.
  5. Eldon

    Eldon Major Geek Extraordinaire

    MajorGeeks doesn't have the password to your email.
    It's worth a try.
  6. MaxTurner

    MaxTurner MajorGeek

    If it is the one you use here on MG then you have it - and the password - or you couldn't log in here could you.
  7. Eldon

    Eldon Major Geek Extraordinaire

    MajorGeeks has his email address, NOT the password for the email address.
  8. MaxTurner

    MaxTurner MajorGeek

    No password for the MG email address log in then they can't log in can they?
    If they can log in here then they must have the pw they used for it.
    If they used the same email address for MG and Google but used two DIFFERENT passwords then that's a different matter.
    Either way this isn't an IT issue really. It's a 'don't forget your passwords' issue ;)
  9. wile e coyote

    wile e coyote MajorGeek

    Eldon likes this.
  10. Eldon

    Eldon Major Geek Extraordinaire

    If you don't I'll show you how to get it.
  11. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

    That doesn't seem to be an option either.


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