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Digital phone vs. ComSwitch. Will it work?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Shotglass, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Shotglass

    Shotglass Private E-2

    We want to switch over to a digital phone via Time Warner Cable. We now use a Command Communications Comswitch 7500 on our land line to switch incoming calls either to phone, fax or answering machine. Will it still work on a digital phone hook up? Time Warner has no clue and the ComSwitch manufacturer may be out of business. Help.
  2. gman863

    gman863 MajorGeek

    VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service such as TWC or Vonage don't always work well with certain devices including many home alarm systems and some fax machines.

    Since Time-Warner isn't sure, ask them to put their money where their mouth is by setting up a trial of it in your home/office with an agreement they'll refund any fees, install charges or cancellation penalties if it doesn't work with your existing equipment. (Do NOT ask them to switch your current phone # to their system until you're sure it works!).

    Using the temp. phone # TWC assigns, put it through a test by having a friend call the temp. phone number and send a fax. At worst, if it fails, all you'll have to do is disconnect the phone line coming out of the cable/phone modem and reconnect your existing land line.

    If TWC won't agree to this, pass and keep your current provider.

    Hope this helps. :)
  3. Shotglass

    Shotglass Private E-2

    Sounds like a good idea.... will give it a try here after the first of the year. TWC here can be a uncooperative pain but worth a shot. I like the test case scenario so I'll put that in front of them and see what happens. Like you said, if they don't agree then I'll pass. Not worth the gamble as our phone provider is Fairpoint and they're not easy to get back with if you try to go back, if they'll let you back.
  4. gman863

    gman863 MajorGeek

    If it's only a question of saving a few bucks per month, it may not be worth the hassle. If TWC agrees to a money-back guarantee (including install fees), cover your assets by documenting who promised it and try to get it in writing.

    If you're considering the switch based on increasing your Internet speed from DSL to Cable, you can choose TWC as your ISP and drop DSL from your current phone plan. If you choose this option, press the rep at TWC for any sign-up specials. At the end of the discount or contract, call TWC back and tell them something to the effect of, "My phone company is offering me a special to switch back to DSL. What can you offer to keep me as a customer?"

    This trick worked with Comcast. My ISP only rate dropped from $57.95 to $29.95 per month for 12 months, still at 6GB/s. At the end of the discount, call TWC back, rinse and repeat.:cool
  5. Shotglass

    Shotglass Private E-2

    No, not a question of saving $$$. Our landline provider is Fairpoint and when it gets real cold and stormy here in Maine we get a constant hum on the line or people can't hear us or we can't hear them. Lines are 35 plus years and they don't care. Just looking for better quality for personnel and business.
  6. gman863

    gman863 MajorGeek

    I wouldn't switch to any cable company for the issue of reliability.

    In my suburb of Houston (one of the fastest growing counties in the US), I have Comcast as my ISP and use Vonage for my phone/fax line. This is the lesser of two evils, as the local DSL provider is known for deathly show speeds. This being said, I also have a cell phone with plenty of minutes and unlimited data.

    Comcast seems to have several random, relatively short (5-10 minute) outages per month. By the time I pick up my cell phone and get through Comcast's automated phone menu from Hell, the service is either back on or I get a recording of "We are temporarily experiencing a service outage in your area and are working to correct the problem. Thank you for your patience....click...dial tone."

    Since you said PeeWee Herman's secret word - "stormy" - you get the bonus of reading my Hurricane Ike experience: Cell phone never went out. Power in my area was back on within 36 hours. My DirecTV dish survived the storm intact. Neighbors with "landline" phone service had no interruptions.

    Comcast? No service for THREE WEEKS (this includes Vonage since it requires broadband service to make/receive calls). Although I had a suspicion why, the local office denied it. It wasn't until I spoke to and tricked a Comcast call center employee in Nashville late one evening into admitting something my theory was confirmed: Unlike most cell phone and landline service providers, Comcast is too cheap to install backup generators on their switching stations. So long as at least one between Sugar Land and their regional office (30+ miles away in NE Houston) was without power, no Internet for me!

    If it wasn't for being able to tether my cell phone to my notebook PC for a data connection I would still be in withdrawal.
  7. Shotglass

    Shotglass Private E-2

    Really appreciate all of your input on this. We are going to hold off and see how it goes for a while. Never have been keen on the digital phone thing for a lot of the reasons you gave. Have a great Holiday Season and thanks again!
  8. gman863

    gman863 MajorGeek

    Glad I could help.

    Hope you avoid the storms and enjoy your Holiday! :)

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