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'DOMParser is undefined' error message IE7 - Does anyone know how to fix?

Discussion in 'Software' started by brunobru, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. brunobru

    brunobru Private E-2

    :wave Hello... I'm getting the windows internet explorer error message 'DOMParser is undefined' every time I go to certain websites i.e. Sprint, and have not been able to find a fix for it. I don’t know what caused it, but I found it has to do with scripting/java/browser. I then updated Java SE from ver 6.13 to 6.14 (latest one) with no change with the error message. I ran ccleaner and registry cleaner, scanned for spyware according to MG instructions and no malware/spyware was found, so I believe this is a software issue/error. Is there anyone here that would know the fix for this error?

    Much appreciation for some help.
  2. brunobru

    brunobru Private E-2

    Thanks for the suggestion...I might try firefox. I never used to have a problem with any sites (Sprint too) because it is my cell phone co. and I go there regularly, but maybe they changed their site scripts.
    I was thinking the error message was more of a software or registry corruption issue or conflict. But that's a guess.
  3. brunobru

    brunobru Private E-2

    Yes I agree about the troubleshooting steps you've suggested and thank you...I have been contemplating IE8 but knew someone that tried to revert back to IE7 but instead of it reverting back (while following microsoft instructions) it corrupted the operating system and rendered it unable to load even in safe mode, so she had to do a complete reinstall of windows xp. I have never used firefox but maybe it's time I try it out.
  4. ^Mack^

    ^Mack^ Private E-2

    I had 'domparser is undefined' appear when i ran IE8 without addons while accessing my sprint account. It disappeared when i ran IE8 with addons the next time that i went to my sprint page. I am not sure what addons controled this action. Hope this helps.
  5. Duufus

    Duufus Private E-2

    ON your browser click on tools, internet options, programs, manage add_ons.
    Then enable "XML DOM Document".
  6. Jymbo

    Jymbo Private E-2

    Hey Duufus,
    Had the same issue your solution solved it. I turned them addons off and forgot not to turn em back on
  7. Jet R

    Jet R Private E-2

    heya folks. this has kept coming up when trying ta play poker but unlike yourselfs the add on is enabled yet it is still not working. any help would be really appreciated, im getting poker withdrawal symptoms.
  8. roselandkat

    roselandkat Private E-2

    Thanks you this was very helpful to me and it did work....
  9. robroy1314

    robroy1314 Private E-2

    Hi there I have had this problem for a few days it was driving me crazy some say you have to re-install your windows software again but I did not fancy doing all that and loosing a lot of info that I already had. So while I was sitting playing with my thumbs a little light appeared above my head restore computer to a date before this appeared on my computer so I tried it and wallah it has gone so everything is running sweet,

    Hope it works for you. if so pass it on :-D;)
  10. robroy1314

    robroy1314 Private E-2

    hy there read my post it might cure the problem
  11. fitzfluff

    fitzfluff Private E-2

    i had the same problem you can go to arrow down by tool at top rt corner of
    web page and click on manage add ons besure that the microsoft mxl dom is enabled. that fixed my problem after hours of searching and trying to find solution i found it all by myself yeah me

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