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Downloads freeze on firefox

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ween, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. ween

    ween Private E-2



    Whenever I go to download anything, the download starts then freezes about 1/2 way through or whenever. Im pretty sure you guys have seen this question asked TONS but I've tried countless times/different methods to find a solution.

    I've googled the hell out of this topic and although some seem helpful they never actually work. Things that have come up in my searches i've tried, from settings on firefox, to MTU this, half-duplex that. I honestly give up. Im not the smartest when it comes to this part of computers and the internet.

    When I used to download I never had a problem with it. It started and it finished. No problems no freezing.

    I just reformatted everything and started fresh again. I am using a D-Link router and followed all instructions with connecting it. I have no problems connecting to sites, MSN etc.. The other computer connected to the router is working as well.

    Im using Firefox to download these files. Before I was using Mozilla and it worked without a problem. Then it started freezing on that so I used Firefox, then tried with IE. I've left it for months now and I want to figure out how to fix it. So first step was to reformat and start fresh...........LOL that didn't work now did it.

    Is there anything that you guys can help me with? :cry


    PS. When I did change this setting in my network connections for my ethernet adapter it did help a bit....but then froze. It was something to do with 10 mbps half-duplex instead of 10mbps full-duplex.

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