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Drivers for Gateway E-Series 4000

Discussion in 'Software' started by New_Geek, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. New_Geek

    New_Geek Private E-2

    Hi all, new member here. I am struggling to find, specifically an audio driver, for a pc that I am rebuilding with XP pro. I do not have any of the factory driver install disks and due to the pc not running great, I have taken the liberty of attempting to rebuild it and load all the drivers manually.

    I have attached an Everest report detailing my specific hardware. I have had some success already by installing the chipset, graphic, and LAN drivers but no luck with the audio drivers that I have tried so far.

    I have tried the following audio drivers (from old gateway support links and various internet sites):


    None of the above have worked and the last one is blue screening my pc so obviously it is not the correct driver (Realtek I believe)

    Drivers that I have successfully loaded on the pc are the following:

    Chipset Intel 5.00.1012
    Lan Intel
    Graphic Intel
    USB Gateway 5.1.2600.0

    If someone could look over my attached report it would be greatly appreciated. From what I can tell, the motherboard is an Intel Rexburg D845GRG and Chipset is an Intel Brookdale-G i845G. For audio it says it should be an Intel 82801DB ICH4 - AC'97 Audio Controller. I searched and found the AC'97 Audio Controller from CNET downloads (I believe it is listed above as one of the attempted driver installs) but it did not work and I also believe that was the one that crashed my pc during the install.

    Thanks for any assistance / guidance you can provide....

    Attached Files:

  2. iain.t

    iain.t MajorGeek

    Last edited: Mar 25, 2011
  3. iain.t

    iain.t MajorGeek

    Ok couldn't edit the last post so had to quote.....
    Depending at what service pack your OS is at you will need to install the UAA patch before the sound driver will work...


    hope this solves your issue.

    iain.t :major
  4. New_Geek

    New_Geek Private E-2


    I am a little confused.....first thanks for your response. The first link you posted is not for an actual driver its for "driver performer", which I think is some kind of driver update tool? I was looking for the actual driver that is going to work according to the specs I listed in my original post.

    Also, in your second post you mentioned something about needing a UAA Bus Driver patch depending on what service pack I am running with XP Pro (SP3 btw). This is also confusing because the patch is for high definition audio? I don't think I need high definition audio?

    Thanks again for your assistance....sorry for being confused! Can you provide additional information and maybe clarify your explanation?

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  5. New_Geek

    New_Geek Private E-2

    Tried to post a reply but it stated that it needed to be reviewed by an administrator and it still has not posted yet?

    So I will post again....iain.t I am a little confused by your post. The link you sent me is for "driver performer" which is I assume a driver update tool? I was assuming someone would look at my Everest report and advise me where I could find a driver that would work?

    Also, the second link is for the UAA patch for High Definition Audio? I have XP Pro SP3 and I didn't think I had HD Audio because it is an old pc?

    Help Please....Thanks.
  6. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Hi and welcome

    Do try not to use .... in the ..... middle of sentences as your post will be moderated as spam until an admin approves the thread, at times it may get deleted by accident as spam.
  7. iain.t

    iain.t MajorGeek

    Ok. The link i gave is for the actual driver please click on the softpedia mirror (us) link for the download !!! ;) !!! now I know that you have sp3 you don't need the uaa driver. here is the link again....


    if this does not fix your issue download and install slimdrivers from here...


    here is also a demo on how to use it....


    hope this helps.

    iain.t :major
  8. New_Geek

    New_Geek Private E-2

    Thanks again for your assistance, I really appreciate it. I took a look at the first link you posted where it takes you to the softpedia site. Both links on that page download RealTekDrivers exe. When you go to run the exe, it loads a program called "driver performer". I do not understand what driver performer is. Once you install driver performer, it appears as though it reviews your current installed drivers and advises you whether or not they are out of date and gives you the option of downloading new ones. Is this correct?

    Also, the major problem that I am having is when I attempt to download any audio driver that I find, it gives me a "driver not found, reboot pc and try again" error message. I have looked this error up on the net and see that a lot of folks run into this. I have also seen where some people have gotten around this error by creating a separate driver folder, going to device manager, attempting to update the driver and looking for the update in that newly created folder that you created versus running the setup program directly from the driver. I tried to do that and it attempts to find the driver and even gets half way through the install and then another box pops up and says it's looking for a specific file and to put in the RealTek cd or you can browse to find the specific file that it is looking for. I select browse (because obviously I do not have the RealTek cd) and go to the audio folder that I created but nothing works.

    Any ideas or further assistance would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for so many responses and questions. I am just trying to figure out why the heck this thing is giving me so much trouble with just the audio driver.

  9. New_Geek

    New_Geek Private E-2

    Again, tried to post a response and got the admin approval response? Not sure what the deal is. I sent an email to tim@majorgeeks.com to inquire.

    BTW, in my newest post I did not use any of the dots like you had stated before so not sure why it is perceived to be spam since it is just a regular posting.
  10. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    The quote you used has .... in the text (also multiple !!!!! ????? etc can trigger the spam filter), its a postcount type thing to stop spammers once you reach a large postcount it doesnt happen, like for me and iain t, but I have approved your post earlier. We do keep an eye on these things and takes a short while to approve them, depending what admin is online.

    But to your issue, you are at XP SP3?

    In Device Manager what devices have yellow ! marks by them if any?

    Could you tell us the exact Gateway model PC you have or link to the driver support section of gateway you used for drivers?
  11. iain.t

    iain.t MajorGeek

  12. New_Geek

    New_Geek Private E-2

    Since it has not posted my reply from earlier, I am posting again:


    Thanks for you assistance with the posting issues. To answer your question regarding the pc specifics:

    It is a Gateway E-Series 4000 / serial # 0029780381 / model # MFATXPNT ESX500S P04 / MFG DATE 2-26-03

    And the link to the drivers that I have successfully installed other than the audio is http://support.gateway.com/us/en/product/default.aspx?tab=1&modelId=2647

    I know that the link above is for drivers for the E-4100 but they all worked other than the audio. I also found some old postings with links to gateway support for the E-4000 like the pc I have but those audio drivers that I have tried do not work either.

    Also, to answer you question about any marks under the device manager, there are yellow question marks under the multimedia section.

    iain t

    I went to the RealTek link you provided above and downloaded the zip file to my desktop. I then clicked on the icon and it started unzipping the file and began to download the driver. About half way through the pc blue screened and rebooted, so I have a feeling that the driver may be incorrect, I guess. I always believed blue screening was due to either a hardware or driver conflict for the most part.

    Not sure what else to try at this point....Do the two of you have any ideas?

  13. iain.t

    iain.t MajorGeek

    Download and install driversweeper from here..


    select all the audio/sound options then hit analyze then hit clean (hit the clean button twice just to be sure that they have gone).
    Then try installing the realtek driver that i linked you to again. Let us know how you get on, I have asked for you to run driver sweeper as I think you may be getting conflicts with all of the drivers that you have tried.

    iain.t :major
  14. New_Geek

    New_Geek Private E-2

    Took your advice, which I think is a really good idea btw, and installed driver cleaner. When I attempt to run the program I keep getting an error message stating the application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000135. Click ok to terminate the device application?

    Not sure what that is all about. I even rebooted the pc several times thinking that may help after installation.

  15. iain.t

    iain.t MajorGeek

    Unistall the sweeper and try again.
    Have you ran any anti virus/malware tools?? may be malware/virus infection stopping things from working, if you haven't ran any lately please run them, I would advise following the steps in this post..


    it will not hurt to try!!! plus the guys/girls will be happy enough to look over any logs that you post for them.Post back here and we will start over again.

    iain.t :major
  16. New_Geek

    New_Geek Private E-2

    Just wanted to check back in with the few people that have been assisting me with the issue. I have got a lot accomplished over the last few days. First, after iain.t advised me to download a driver sweeper and I was getting an install error, I just decided to rebuild the pc again. After a fresh install, I tried once again with the Realtek Cardanza driver I downloaded from the Realtek website as suggested. The driver did not work. It got half way through and then shut the pc down.

    The next day I called a local pc shop because I was just about at my wit’s end and also because the person who I am working on this for brought it to a pc shop a few years back to get rebuilt. I figured if they were able to figure it out last time then they should be able to this time as well. So went by the pc shop and explained to the guy what I needed and everything that I have done. The guy at the pc shop said give him about an hour and he would get it figured out. He stated he had a bag of tricks he could try and was fairly confident he could get it figured out. So went back after an hour and sure enough, he had it fixed and played a sound and it actually worked!

    The guy would not tell me what exactly he did or what he used or where he may have got the driver from. So I just paid him for his time and was on my way. As soon as I got home, the first thing I looked at was device manager to see what version driver he had downloaded. Turns out the driver that is listed is SoundMAX WDM 5 12 1 3571. I also happen to find a few links, including one from this forum, where another guy had the exact same issue and used that driver and it was the only one that worked. Heck, even the guy at the pc shop said that this particular pc / motherboard combo only liked a specific driver and if you did not use it then it would not work.

    Anyway, I got the pc built and put the finishing touches on it last night. I still have not been able to find that driver online anywhere just in case I need it but I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.

  17. iain.t

    iain.t MajorGeek

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