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Drivers not working after reformat

Discussion in 'Software' started by DebH, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. DebH

    DebH Private E-2


    HAve reformatted my comp and manged well (with help from this site!) BUT now my display colors won't go above 32 and on device manager have 2 yellow exclamations. One for PCI simple communications controller and the other for Video Controller (VGA Compaitible).

    I have windows xp with latest downloads.

    I ran the belarc advisor and found that my motherboard is ECS K7S5A 1.0 and no display drivers.

    Have been on various driver web sites as well as ECs web site but have no joy when down loading an dinstalling what they say should be correct drivers.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks Deb
  2. Komodo25

    Komodo25 Private First Class

    Try here

    VGA is the very first one on the list...under AGP

    PCI Simple Communications Controller is under Modem...2nd one down
  3. Komodo25

    Komodo25 Private First Class

  4. DebH

    DebH Private E-2

    Thanks - I had already tried that but have just downloaded again and installed. No change. Have also uninstalled and reinstalled video controller but no change.

    The modem doesn't worry me as I am now using a wireless modem so guess I can just ignore that one.

    Any other ideas - thanks
  5. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus MajorGeek

    What does belarc advisor say about your video card? Sounds like you need to install the XP drivers for that card. You will probably have to download them if you don't have the CD that came with the card.
  6. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Out of curiosity, is this an onboard video card, or is this not an onboard video card?

    Onboard video card should be located next to your Parallel connector or Serial connector.

    Hmrmm...how to explain with letters.

    If a tower, if onboard, it should be a vertical connector, otherwise if it is horizontal it is not an onboard video card.

    Okay, I'm a wee bit drunk right now.

    Instead of using Belarc, use:

    Everest Home Edition: http://majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=4181

    Give us your video card.....

    Also, make sure your chipset drivers are installed, especially your AGP drivers......
  7. DebH

    DebH Private E-2

    OK have now checked out as you suggest - I thought it was an on board card but it is not! I'm sorry !!

    It is a savage 2000 3D graphics card.

    Have now run 'everest' if I go to devices and PCI devices and then
    S3 Savage2000 Video Adapter

    Field Value
    Device Properties
    Device Description S3 Savage2000 Video Adapter
    Bus Type AGP 4x
    Bus / Device / Function 1 / 0 / 0
    Device ID 5333-9102
    Subsystem ID 5333-9102
    Device Class 0300 (VGA Display Controller)
    Revision 02
    Fast Back-to-Back Transactions Not Supported

    Device Features
    66 MHz Operation Supported
    Bus Mastering Enabled

    AGP Properties
    AGP Version 2.00
    AGP Status Enabled
    Supported AGP Speeds 1x, 2x, 4x
    Current AGP Speed 4x
    Fast-Write Not Supported
    Side Band Addressing Supported, Disabled

    Under display and PCI/AGP video

    Device Description Device Type
    S3 Savage2000 Video Adapter
    S3 Savage2000 3D Accelerator

    have tried going to Savage and driver download sbut they don't seem to do a download.

    Any other ideas??

  8. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus MajorGeek

    Do a google for

    download driver S3 Savage2000 Video Adapter

    Look through that for the card driver that fits your operating system.

    Should find it easy enough. :)

    Any other driver you may have loaded........uninstall them before installing the correct driver.
  9. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus MajorGeek

    Just checked the thread again & saw your OS is XP. Here ya go>>>


    Check to make sure they are the right ones.
  10. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus MajorGeek

    Looks like you have to pay at that site. Try this one instead.

    Don't pay for them.
  11. maybeok

    maybeok Private First Class

  12. DebH

    DebH Private E-2

    Thanks to every one for their suggestions. I have now managed to re load drivers ( and for free). The only slight problem now is that some times some cahracters are not displaying properly. If it's in a web page a refresh will make it right but not always and it's not always the same characters ( or web pages emails etc) Any ideas - it is some thing I could live with but I'd rather not!
  13. maybeok

    maybeok Private First Class

    Re: Drivers = Did you have a look in the Savage Web Site ?

    I wonder which driver you used ?

    Was it the one from "driver's Files" you used from the "Savage" site?

    I noticed the Driver's Files Site shows for XP version. 95113 yet when you go to the Savage Web page and use the dropdown arrow on Windows ME box and select 2 = for XP you have three to choose from?
    9.21.01B [certified]
    9.21.01 [for Viper11]
    Savage shows the Version 95113 for Windows ME ???

    Maybe the Savage one is the correct driver??
  14. mayimkadosh

    mayimkadosh Private E-2

  15. Doomster

    Doomster Private E-2

    Try looking. at the actual hardware component, in your computer, and write down the actual hardware installed name-brand and download the drivers for each separate hardware component.
  16. maybeok

    maybeok Private First Class

    Did You Clean with Free Drivers Pro

    Have look and try this == You may have some corrupted program data???
    Did you use the Free program of Driver Cleaner Professional Edition to remove/scrub/clean all Savage driver\files from your computer
    Now Go Web Site


    [This Free Program will clean a host of card drivers].

    I just had a look within the program and show “Savage 3”???

    It is a must that you read their info text file shown within the downloaded program which informs you how to remove and install the Driver package [Make sure you read and follow their instructions especially re using Safe Mode . The text file will be located within you "Computer's Program Menu"]

  17. Doomster

    Doomster Private E-2

    Make sure that the downloaded drivers were originally created in English and that they will work with your North American version of Windows XP. For example ; if the downloaded file, for your videocard was developed and created in another country and they developed the driver file on their computer, it might not work on your computer...you must have the correct driver...different versions of Windows XP had to be created to accommodate different languages and therefore different driver sets

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