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Drivers question for Viewsonic VA2012WB

Discussion in 'Software' started by Iceblade7, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Iceblade7

    Iceblade7 Private E-2


    I have a question about drivers and supported resolutions on graphics cards.
    I have a Nvidia Gforce 6800XT Graphics card bought about 2 years ago or so. I also have bought reciently and had working as far as I can remember on another computer this same monitor and graphics combonation(exact same cards, physically)

    When installing on the newer system I cant seem to get the 1680x1050 resolution from any drivers I have tried.
    I get 1600x1024 with no issue at all. But not even a selection for 1680x1050 and I sure I had that before but i would not swear on it.

    I have installed Nvidias newest graphics card drivers on the system so i think Im ok there.

    I have installed the drivers that came on the Viewsonic 2012wb disk, and also direct from the viewsonic website. I have both the signed and unsigned versions and neither give me the appropriate resolutions to select, I am still maxxed out at 1600/1024.

    Here is my questions:

    1.> How can I get the extra added resolutions for my monitor?

    2.> Am I using the wrong drivers. What ones should I use?

    3.> Is it the graphics card that is the issue and it doesnt support those resolutions? If so can it be flashed to support them?

    Any help would be great!
  2. Iceblade7

    Iceblade7 Private E-2

    Well I figured it out, for those of you who didnt know the answer here it is....LOL

    All you have to do is go into Nvidia's timing setup area and setup new timings for your monitor. So what I did was setup 1680x1050 at 72MHZ and it worked perfectly, then I applied it and wala it was now in my list of supported resolutions when windblos sets up.

    1.> Freeking rediculous that Viewsonic support didnt even know this, why are they in business?

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