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Dryloop DSL

Discussion in 'Software' started by bbpathd1, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. bbpathd1

    bbpathd1 Private First Class

    I am hoping someone at Majorgeeks has changed phone service by dropping the landline and retaining standalone or dryloop DSL to use VOIP.

    I'd like to port my landline # from AT&T to OOMA which I already have installed with the new number OOMA gave me. Called AT&T today because DSL is on same account. Asked for dryloop DSL and still keeping landline # but removing long distance from it so have local calls with Caller ID and Call Waiting only. Will be dropping that service once OOMA ports the landline number.

    Told I have to rewire the jack in my house that DSL comes in and make a second line for the DSL to have dryloop. If I cannot do the rewiring myself, AT&T will charge $199 for a tech to come to do it. On top of that, there'll be a charge of $49 to set up new dryloop acct. Was told jack with DSL incoming I use now needs rewired--it will be only jack in house to get DSL. Other jacks in house will not get DSL but will be able to get home phone. The one I use for DSL will not get home phone at all they tell me.

    I chose a date next week for the changes from the one shared account to the two separate accts since at this moment I have no idea :confused how to rewire that jack, but you can be sure I will NOT be paying $199 to them!

    I know they are pushing U-verse which I do not want at all. I've tried in vain to find an alternate DSL provider but all the ones who do make you keep your home phone line. No one else does dryloop DSL this area--just one cable company as another broadband choice. Sad state of affairs in this country--monopolies and no competition.

    So what I really want to know is: Is having two accounts enough or is that rewiring necessary? If we are dropping landline as soon as OOMA ports the old number, why would it matter? (Yes, I realize it may take a few weeks)

    If I have to rewire the jack, I hope someone here can tell me how. I'm up for it.
  2. Colemanguy

    Colemanguy MajorGeek

    The reason they want the jack rewired is so you dont have to add physical filtures to all the other phone jacks. If you dont the voice side could interfer with the dsl/data side, and the same goes the other way. As far as how to? I have no idea on that side.
  3. bbpathd1

    bbpathd1 Private First Class

    I've had DSL for 6 or 7 years. I already have the DSL filters on all the phone jacks. I can guess that their only concern is monetary.

    I'm sure they could care less about what I have to do to jacks in my house. Last I heard the "customer" (and I use the term loosely since there is no customer service anymore--just us poor saps to be exploited by uncaring multinational corporations) is responsible for all the in-house wiring. Their responsibility stops at the box outside your house.

    Forgive the rant. I wish the telcos would give good customer service that matches what I get here in the free forums at Majorgeeks. The advice from everyone here is much better than any customer service the corps offer.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2012

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