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Dual Monitor setup, how can I Keep the mouse pointer on monitor 1 only?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Endrick, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Endrick

    Endrick Private E-2

    I recently purchased a dual head ATI video card and have started using it's ability to display to my TV. This has given me the opportunity to watch movies while my wife is still surfing and I love it.


    My current setup has the TV set up as monitor 2 and in "theater mode" so that it catches any video signal from the main monitor and duplicates it. The TV is across the room and doesn't need to benefit in any way from the mouse or as an extended desktop in this mode, and in fact the mouse pointer goes missing if it drifts into the second monitor when movies are playing anyway.

    Right now my only real "solution" has been to set up monitor 2 in the upper left corner of the main monitor so that only the very tip of the screen shoots the mouse pointer across the room. This almost works. What I am looking for is a solution that keeps the mouse pointer contained so that it doesn't leave unless I let it out.

    The solution I'm looking for is probably not from ATI, but more likely another multi monitor control program or some cute utility that doesn't let the mouse go to certain places on the screen.

    Can anyone recommend a better mouse trap? My mouse is trying to escape.
  2. Petaluma

    Petaluma First Sergeant

  3. Endrick

    Endrick Private E-2

    Ask for a mouse trap and find one.

    Since mousejail needs a program to run through it, I set up my registry to run mousejail with my video hardware monitor. Not something essential but something that does come up every time the system boots and can be killed if I want to let the mouse loose.

    Thanks for the help

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