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DVD drive has several odd problems

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mannshands, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. mannshands

    mannshands Private First Class

    My dvd drive is misbehaving. Some dvds(older store bought)play, but audio&video is mildly choppy. Some store bought dvds are not even recognized or show as blanks. Home burned dvds show in the D: with title, clicking on them opens VLC, but it won't start playing and my cpu tops out at 100% until I open the task mgr, then the cpu instantly drops to normal.

    What I already did:
    update graphics/audio drivers(hope to avoid chipset driver re-install, can't find it at Asus, not supposed to need optical drive drivers other than the stock MS supplied ones in XP according to Asus support)
    Tried KMPlayer(same results)
    uninstalled/reinstalled vlc
    K-Lite is my only codec pack, ran codec debugger

    This is a Asus X5DC notebook:
    WinXPProSP3(a Win7 downgrade that was fine for 6 months with XP),
    DVD=TSST TS-L633C AS-01(can't find this anywhere on inet),
    Intel Celeron D220(can't find chipset driver replacement on Intel site).

    Any insights?
  2. mannshands

    mannshands Private First Class

    Oh yea, also did a Avira/SAS/MBAM scans. Clean besides a few harmless cookies.
  3. risk_reversal

    risk_reversal Sergeant Major

    IMO only 3 possible avenues to explore

    1. Drive is now malfunctioning
    2. The lens on the optical has some superficial dust covering it which leads to this problem (common prob. I just fixed a friend's pc whose optical did not detect cds/dvds. For a laptop it's easy to do, open the tray and clean the lens with a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol)
    3. Some o/s software corruption.

    How can I tell which it is? is your next question.

    Use a Linux Live cd (get Puppy 100mb size and once on the Linux desktop, you can take the cd out as it loads entirely in ram).

    Pop a cd in an after a few secs a thumb drive icon should appear on the Linux desktop.

    If it does not, clean the lens as per above and try again. If it works subsequent to the clean, then drive should be/is fine.

    Then reboot back to windows and try again at that stage this should have narrowed down the list of suspects.

    Good Luck
  4. GringoCowboy

    GringoCowboy Private E-2

  5. mannshands

    mannshands Private First Class

    I cleaned lens when this started. No dif. Will try next steps. Thanks ya'll!
  6. risk_reversal

    risk_reversal Sergeant Major

    Try Linux Live cd. If the cd/dvd is recognized in Linux then get Autofix from MS that may help. I have used it before when optical drives have not detected dics.

    Good Luck
  7. mannshands

    mannshands Private First Class

    Tried live linux. I got Puppy to load off a cd, but i couldn't load any live linux from dvds. In Puppy, Gxine will play audio cds, gives error(cannot read disc)when trying to play dvds. The drivers suggested by gringo were rejected(cannot find compatible device). Gonna dl autofix next.
  8. mannshands

    mannshands Private First Class

    Did you mean Autoplay, I see no autofix on MS site related to dvds.
  9. risk_reversal

    risk_reversal Sergeant Major

    If you could not get the system to boot from a dvd (where windows is not involved) then it bodes badly. Furthermore, if Linux could not play any dvds (but could cds) then it is my opinion that the dvd laser on the drive is malfunctioning.

    However you could try the following (which I would regard as a time wasting excercise personally).

    Yes sorry Autoplay.

    Run it and see what what happens. Have your dvd really as you will have to insert it. I would insert it prior to beginning the test.

    Usually the reg key that is the troublesome one is


    (hope I have copied correctly).

    If Autoplay does find an error copy the above reg key (& backup registry also) first prior to letting Autoplay fix it.

    If Autoplay does not find an error, then check the Upper and Lower filters in the registry


    If you search for faulty cd-rom or such you will see references to deleting these (they will be rebuilt on reboot) and this can repair (never had any success personally with that). Prior to deleting that key save it first.
  10. mannshands

    mannshands Private First Class

    Hi/lo filters not there in reg. Autofix found 1 error, fixed it, but still no improvement. This is on an 18 month old laptop. What would cause the dvd lazer to fail so soon? Cds play fine. The drive is always recognized, it just won't recognize/play dvds.
    I am about ready to give up and just replace the blasted dvd.
  11. risk_reversal

    risk_reversal Sergeant Major

    Well my understanding is that a dvd drive (rom or rw) has 2 lasers one for cd use and one for dvd use.

    If one of the lasers on the optical drive is malfunctioning, this will not stop windows from correctly detecting that optical drive but use of said drive will be restricted to operations of the working laser.

    I have never had one fail on me in this manner but it is not an uncommon occurance.

    Perhaps another user can offer another line of investigation. For me the crux of it is that you could not boot from a dvd but could from a cd. IMO, this means that this is a wholly hw related issue as booting from optical media means that windows does not even come into play.

    As to why one of the lasers should fail after 18 months ......... :confused

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