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DVD-RW drive showing burned discs as blank/empty

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by NEWTOSATANEEDHELPWITHSATA, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I am on XP and my DVD-RW Drive is showing me a blank DVDR disc that I just burned stuff onto it (checked when it told me it burned successfully). I checked other recently burned discs and three of them show as empty too and I think they had stuff on them and after I burned them I checked, as I always check, to make sure the stuff is on, and I check the properties and make sure the space matches up identical and it was all fine. I tested other discs I burned before at varying times and they were okay. I use DVDR discs to burn and I burned in standard data burning. I recently burned CDR, two of them and they are still fine as well. I would imagine the data is still there on the discs but not showing for some strange reason and have no idea why. I doubt it was magically "wiped" especially on (I think) four discs, one being the most recent I just burned and checked immediately after successful burn. Please help. :-o
  2. Nobody knows? :-o
  3. UPDATE: Just tested the four total discs on my laptop and all the data was there. Why would these recently four burned DVDRS NOT show data/be blank when they BURNED fine but OLDER discs I burned on the same drive show up/work fine ALSO TWO CDRS work and show up that I burned recently within the same time as those four DVDRS? Why is this vexing problem happening? :-o
  4. DOA

    DOA MG's Loki

    1) try the discs in another computer
    2) check the type of DVD carefully
    3) post what software you are using
    4) post what size files and discs you are dealing with
    Assuming you are doing every thing correctly, you may be running into file size problems.
  5. I have been burning for a long time and this is a new, vexing problem and I do not burn over the size allotted. I am using Nero as I always have. The DVDRS are standard 4GB.

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