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eMachines EL1200 XP install, drivers missing

Discussion in 'Software' started by edmanep, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. edmanep

    edmanep Private E-2

    Just installed new hard drive in my eMachines EL1200-06w.

    After a fresh XP Pro install, I was missing a boatload of drivers.

    Went to eMachines website & downloaded driver sets and installed.

    I'm still missing drivers for "Other PCI Bridge Device, PCI Simple Communications Controller and Video Controller (VGA Compatible)".

    Everest Home Edition (log attached) will not name the motherboard, except that its ID is "10/23/2008-NF-MCP61-6A61K00CC-00" so, I'm having difficulty locating drivers, and concerned why they're not installing from the eMachines' sets I've downloaded.

    Guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. edmanep

    edmanep Private E-2

    BTW - I can't access the internet w/ the eMachines machine, but can with another.
  3. edmanep

    edmanep Private E-2


    Firstly, thank you for replying.

    Onto the pain...

    Yes, I'd attempted to install that NVIDIA driver set you noted.

    Tried again after you'd suggested, hoping against hope I'd been abducted by aliens and had been programmed to think I'd done that rather than experiencing my first alien probing...


    Attached, please find the screenshot of an error message at the end of the installers attempt to provide my machine w/ the network manager portion of the install.


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    Last edited: Jan 11, 2010
  4. edmanep

    edmanep Private E-2


    Thanks more.

    I've tried to install the nVidia chipset drivers you linked me to.

    No joy.

    I got the same error message attached to my last post and the drivers are still not installed.

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