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empty DVD drive shows a FULL disc

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by twosticks, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. twosticks

    twosticks Private E-2

    I see that derm had a similar post and got no resolution, but here goes:

    I just tried to burn a short movie to my dvd-r. I was using movie editor "U-Lead 7" and it crashed during the write to dvd try. I looked at System/hardware and checked with NO DISK in the drive and yet the "disk" was graphed out as totally full. I've been able to burn DVDs before, last time just a few months ago. I downloaded Windows Movie Maker, loaded my video, but it still didn't burn because the brand new empty DVD was seen as FULL. Don't know what happened but would certainly appreciate some help with what my gut feeling tells me is something pretty simple to remedy. Wasn't able find anything of help on a google search. Bummer. Was ready to burn gift/movie of our summer school class for my pre-school children, a real treat for the little guys seeing themselves on TV.

    The device manager recognizes the DVD device and says it is running normally but... wow, an empty drive that's FULL?

    I have XP home, SP 3, Pentium 4 3.20 GHz, 1 G RAM. The DVD hardware is NEC.

  2. unfaithfulsfan

    unfaithfulsfan Private E-2

    Have you tried another blank DVD?

    Sometimes (I don't fully comprehend the way this stuff works) but once an attempt to write to a disk fails, that disk is done. I'm guessing it creates a "file structure" of sorts when the write process begins and once that is done, you cannot write to it again unless it is a multisession disk.

    I've had that happen to me several times over the years and I have a complete set of "drink coasters" to prove it! :-D Fortunately dvds are only about $0.25 a pop now.

    Hope that helps


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