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Epson R265 Web to Page Error

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dougan, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. dougan

    dougan Private E-2

    hi,when trying to use the epson web to page programme on my R265, i get the following message.
    An error has occurred in the script on this page
    Line: 4097
    char: 2
    error: permission denied
    code: 0
    URL: res://C:\Program Files\EPSON\EPSON Web to Page.dll/EpsonPrintTemplate.html

    I run Windows xp, and ie6.
    Any ideas please
  2. davemg

    davemg Private E-2

    I have exactly the same problem but use an epson dx4000, web-to-page software proberly the same.
    Any ideas from anyone.
  3. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

  4. davemg

    davemg Private E-2

    I have gone through the steps you have mentioned to no effect. I have (CLEAN) unistalled web to print checking no files exist, no registry enteries. and reinstalled.
    I have unistalled ie6 and reinstalled, have installed ie7 (still not working) didn't like ie7 and rolled back to ie6.
    I have seen a number of forums with this same problem and no result, even on this forum where this was first posted in july this year by daugon. Has any one any ideas.
  5. davemg

    davemg Private E-2

    After some more thought, I wandered if the security settings og IE6 where stopping the web to page from working.
    I finally found a cure, hope it's the right one.
    If you go to ie6 tools option - internet options - press security tag- select local intranet- select sites button - select advance button - and then add in the following which is the file etc epson web-to-page tries to use ie:-

    res://C:\Program Files\EPSON\EPSON Web-To-Page\EPSON Web-To-Page.dll/EpsonPrintTemplate.html

    Press Add button - Then OK buttons to get back to IE6.

    I found that web-to-page works now providing the intranet security setting is set to either LOW, MEDIUMLOW, MEDIUM but not to HIGH.

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