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Discussion in 'Software' started by peterr, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    I have read about installing Erunt to the program files folder.
    If you want to recover a manual backup, when you get into the Windows folder and find ERDNT is there a seperate folder for each backup you dated or do you keep double clicking the ERDNT folder till the dated folder appers.
    Thank you
  2. Nick T

    Nick T MajorGeek

    The backups are saved to folders on your hard drive, with each day's backup in a separate folder. ... After 30 folders are there, ERUNT automatically deletes the most aged folder so that the maximum is kept at 30.
    The way I understand it is that they are all inthe ERDNT folder.I Hope this helps!!!!
  3. MadMal

    MadMal Corporal

  4. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    I noticed that your referal said you pick out the parts of the registry you want to restore - I have not actully seen that before and wonder if you left it at the default if it would do the job.

    Also, I noticed that system restore should be turned off as well as UAC.
    I had not noticed these in previous readings .

    If you use Norton, you must disable Tamper protection as you would for system restore.

    I have Win 7 x64 and have to think this over.
    I would not be backing up automatically.
    I did not clearly read about restoring - do you go to the ERDNT folder in Windows and double click one folder which contains other folders with dates you have assigned or are there individual folders for each date you assign that you double click to begin the reocvery process?

    Thank you all
  5. oma

    oma MajorGeek

    I can only tell you how I do a manual registry backup with ERUNTgui on Win 7, 64 bit and how to restore. (never had to use the latter yet though)

    Download and install the ERUNTgui here on MG.
    As you will see then, it will have a gui where you can create a backup. Also a restore button to do a restore when/if needed. (see pic)

    Prior to doing a manual backup I disable the UAC temporarily. (Forgot if a Restart is necessary this time)

    Click the backup button. It will create a backup in Windows. (see pic) I've got 2 manual backups now as you'll see. You can only do one backup daily if using the default (manual) settings.

    Re-enable UAC. You'll have to restart the PC. Yep, UAC is a nuisance.

    To restore I guess you just have to hit the restore button on the ERUNTgui button and choose the date to which you want to restore to.

    I leave Windows Restore on since it doesn't create a restore point every day, only prior to any Windows updates/program changes I think. My choice.

    I didn't select to do an automatic backup daily or selecting the amount of backups when installing ERUNTgui because that would mean that I would have to leave the UAC off permanently. My choice.

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  6. oma

    oma MajorGeek

    Just to let you know peterr: I just did a manual registry backup on ERUNTgui and this time I didn't need to disable/re-enable the UAC, just some kind of a warning (ERUNT.exe is requesting your permission) I must have given it a permission of some kind but don't remember how since I've had this Win 7 just about a month. :banghead
  7. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    You have given me an excellent explanation of ERUNT with all the trimmings.
    I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do so.
    It seems you don't have to disable system restore or UAC which is great -I just let system restore do it's own automatic one when it wants.
    I will have to disable "tamper protection " on Norton.

    I think to recover or restore you go to the Windows folder for ERDNT and click on the date you want. ERUNT is in program files and ERDNT is in Windows.
    I am thinking of giving Norton up. Thank you agaiin.
  8. oma

    oma MajorGeek

    peterr. If you click on the *Restore the Registry* button in the ERUNTgui, it will take you automatically to the the ERDNT backups in Windows where you can select the date you want to do a restore of by just clicking on the date you want I suppose. (see pic) I did it just to show you how easy it is to do a restore when you install the ERUNTgui. I didn't go as far to to a real restore though, just backed out of it. ;) Glad to have been of help to you. You're going to take the plunge now?

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  9. mjnc

    mjnc MajorGeek

    I will try to clear up some questions about ERUNT, as I have used it extensively and recommended it repeatedly.

    I can not comment on the Pros and Cons of the eruntGUI.
    I have never used it since I find it totally unnecessary.

    Don't know if that May be true with the GUI, but otherwise it is False.

    Here are a few points.

    1. You can make as many Manual registry backups as you like, at any time
    2. Each backup is fully manageable and self-contained in a separate folder
    3. Manual backups are by default kept separate from manual backups
    4. Automatic daily backups can be limited to any maximum number (count) that you specify
    5. Older Automatic daily backups that exceed the maximum number that you specify will Automatically Be Deleted IF
      • the Default naming convention for the folders is used which has the date and time of the backup at the beginning of the folder name
      • the parameter /noconfirmdelete is used as described in the documentation, which eliminates the need to manually Confirm each Automatic deletion
    6. Every registry backup folder, Automatic or Manual, contains a file named ERDNT.EXE
    7. Any registry backup can be Restored by running the program ERDNT.EXE in the folder that contains the chosen backup
    8. It is NOT necessary to disable System Restore if you Also use ERUNT
    9. TIP: ADD some descriptive text to the backup folder name, when it is being created, AFTER The Default Date and Time name, to help you later identify that backup

    Bear in mind that System Restore is more extensive than ERUNT.

    If you have a convenient Link to the ERDNT folder, such as on your desktop, you will have easy immediate access to ALL of the
    backups made by ERUNT.

    If used properly, restoring a previous registry copy, made by ERUNT, can be very helpful, But you must be fully aware of what
    that entails.
    Other changes to the system that occurred After the registry backup was made Will NOT be reversed -
    Only the registry will be reversed and restored.

    I am still a Windows XP user, but here are some links to Windows 7 UAC information:

    User Account Control
    How to Change UAC Notification Settings in Windows 7
    How to Change Behavior of User Account Control (UAC) Prompt for Standard Users
  10. oma

    oma MajorGeek

    What you prefer or find totally unnecessary may not be preferred or liked by others. Here's proof in the pudding that one can only make one daily manual registry backup with ERUNTgui default settings ;) PS: I did create a shortcut to ERUNTgui immediately after installing ERUNTgui.

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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2012
  11. mjnc

    mjnc MajorGeek

    I wasn't disputing your claim, Oma.
    Thanks for that info and the screen shot.

    If you do Not use the GUI, then there isn't that limitation.
    That's what I was referring to.
    You could probably get around that by making a change to the folder name.
    Is there a way to modify the GUI settings to allow more than one per day?

    That's cool, :cool
    I was referring to making a shortcut to the Folder, which would open Windows Explorer at that location.
  12. oma

    oma MajorGeek

    Yes, there is, under Options. (see pic) That's not the default settings though. ;)

    see pic where my shortcut to the ERUNTgui is as well as other shortcuts, just as I had in my retired XP. 2 clicks and it's ready to run. :)

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  13. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    I am going to try to put into a summary of what I have read b/c I do not want to create a problem;
    1-system restore is more comprehensive than ERUNT and therefore not necessary
    2-UAC does not have be disabled
    3-To recover you go to Windows to find the green ERDNT file which you can choose by dates.
    4-due to the involvement to create an automatic backup in Win 7, I will backup manually.
    5-ERUNT is in program files but ERDNT is in program files and it is wise to date the backups to differentiate. I think ERDNT is a folder in Windows you double click to open to see the green ERDNT file you wish to recover to.

    Until I have clarified further I shall wait.
    Thank you for the help as I sort this out.
  14. mjnc

    mjnc MajorGeek

    Thanks for the screen shot, Oma. Very helpful.
    It Seems that If you turn ON the "Append Time to folder name" option, that would allow more than one backup per day.

    Hi peterr.
    You are Not creating Any Problem. :)

    Not sure how to respond to number 1.
    Some people will say that ERUNT is not necessary, as long as System Restore is Active.
    I'll just say that I have used ERUNT backups on several occassions and they were Very helpful.
    I also keep System Restore Active and have used Restore Points a few times to fix a problem.
    It is just my opinion that under certain circumstances, either of them could be very helpful.

    The file and folder names can be confusing. :confused

    The default location for All of the backups is in a Folder named ERDNT which is in the Windows folder.

    Within each individual backup Folder there is a File named ERDNT.EXE which is a program (executable) that you Run to
    Restore that particular backup.

    If you are going to use the GUI, then I recommend that you turn ON both of the options for Appending the Date And the Time
    to the folder names.
    Take a look at Oma's screen shot of the GUI Options dialog.
  15. oma

    oma MajorGeek

  16. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    Little tips like turning on date and time are very valuable, thank you.
    I am curious, can you just go to Windows Erdnt folder to recover the date you want without a shortcut?
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2012
  17. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    I had an after thought.
    Is there an advantage or disadvantage to running the portable version of ERUNT from a flash drive -a little less in the machine and if there is trouble it can be removed easily.
  18. oma

    oma MajorGeek

    Why not making a shortcut? It makes life so much easier. ;) See pic how to find and make a shortcut. Save it to the desktop and then you can pin it to the startmenu or taskbar or where ever you please for easy access. The ERUNTgui is so much easier to work with because you won't have to write any command lines which you would have to do with the regular ERUNT. So I definitely recommend ERUNTgui because you then, when clicking on the shortcut, you would only have to click on the Restore the Registry button. That will take you to the backed up registry files within ERDNT and then just will have to select the date. That's it. Check out the pics that I previously posted. ;)

    Remember. there are 2 versions out of ERUNT AFAIK. One is with the gui and the other without. I recommend the ERUNTgui which is easier to work with than the other. ( Why standing up if you can sit down? :-D )
    Sorry, never used any portable version (yet) so can't help you out with that.

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  19. MadMal

    MadMal Corporal

    I am a portable software fan but I think some software are better (easier) when they are installed using the installer.
    I wouldn't bother using the portable version of ERUNT, maybe a major (super) geek could find some value in it but I am not one of them.

    ERUNT weighs almost nothing. Only 0.66 MB installed.

    ERUNT does not use resources.
    If auto backup is enabled then at startup ERUNT checks to see if a registry backup has been done that day and does one if necessary. This backup only takes a few seconds and then ERUNT does nothing until next startup, unless you do a manual backup of course.

    ERUNT is one of the most respected software I have come across and will not cause any trouble, if you do experience any trouble it will be because of user malfunction or a problem on your computer.
    ERUNT does not try to be fancy in any way, it just backs up the Registry and allows you to restore it :)
  20. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    Thank you all for your help.
    Excuse my naiveté but what does ERUNTGUI mean. I know the acronym is graphic user interface and makes it easier to work with. But specifically are you saying to create an icon to click on to get to the folders/files you want rather than looking for them make. i ask because the onluy icon on my esktop is the rcycle bin. If it were a matter of going to the windows folder to find ERDNT to run it is not a problem,however, if functionality is affected than i would need an explanation as to how this occurs.
  21. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    Thank you all for your help.
    Excuse my naiveté but what does ERUNTGUI mean. I know the acronym is graphic user interface and makes it easier to work with. But specifically are you saying to create an icon to click on to get to the folders/files you want rather than looking for them makes it easier or increases functionality?. I ask because the only icon on my desktop is the recycle bin. If it were a matter of going to the Window's folder to find ERDNT to run it, is not a problem,however, if functionality is affected than I would use the ERUNT gui.
    Gotta keep trying to understand or go backwards.
  22. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

  23. oma

    oma MajorGeek

    I did show you a pic in how to create a shortcut and that you'll have a choice of where to put it. You can pin it to the startmenu, taskbar or wherever you want to put the shortcut.

    Benefit of creating a shortcut is that you then won't have to look for the location of the exe's for backups and/or restore. With the ERUNTgui software and a shortcut is that you won't have to look for anything, just click on the shortcut to show the GUI where you can backup and/or restore! Other benefit is that you will be able to make more than 1 backup daily if needed when you go into OPTIONS of the ERUNTgui and tick the box to select the date and time. (You only will have to do that once because it will remember that setting)

    See all pics that I posted in this thread. Hope the above clarifies a bit.
  24. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    Thank you all
    Either will do but you prefer the gui version for access.
  25. oma

    oma MajorGeek

    Yes, since I'm not proficient with command lines.
  26. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    Thank you for the distinction b/c I don't like to wander too far from the normal program.
  27. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    For those who use Norton, Norton must be reinstalled if ERUNT is run.
  28. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    >>Oma - Asc you know, ERUNT is having trouble with Win 7x64 which I have.
    I know the work arounds so it will work with Win 7 but my question is, does ERUNT.GUI which is a different program require any adjustments or can one with WIN 7 x 64 just download it and use it without modifications.
    I waited to ask because I know you have been using the progam and wanted to see how you make out before I actually download.
    Thank you
    P.S. I understand that after it has recoved a reg backup Norton must be reinstalled

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