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Error in canon Mp150 E-5

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sunny2525, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. sunny2525

    sunny2525 Private E-2

    My canon Mp150 printer display the e and 5 on led. The color ink is not recognized. Please help me. is there any way i can print with only black ink. Thanks in advance.
  2. chaimjm

    chaimjm Staff Sergeant

  3. freebilloon

    freebilloon Private E-2

    Have you tried running mptool? It is used for reseting the
    cartridge ink counts on Canon mp series printers. It is
    reported to work on the mp150 by danlcc in another forum.
    It's use is detailed by ButtWeasel in fixyourownprinter.
    Let me know if you have any success if you try this.
    I haven't managed to get it to work on my MP150, and I still
    get the E5 error message.

  4. freebilloon

    freebilloon Private E-2

    the E5 error problem:

    According to a contributer to the 'PG 40 and CL 41 canon cartridge reseting'
    thread in the fixyourownprinter forum, 'the printers that use these cartridges write to an embedded chip in the circuit of the cartridge with the information that the cartridge is spent'.

    This could be the reason for the printer going error E5 after a preset print count.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2008

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